Moving Employees To A New Office

Top Tips For Moving Employees To A New Office

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Moving employees to a new office is always a challenge but sometimes it is unavoidable for the company’s growth.

The company must take steps to ensure a smooth move without any legal or practical complications.

As an employer, it is important to keep track of every change during the relocation process to prevent inconveniences for both your company and employees.

Let us take a look at some tips for moving employees to a new office.

Plan In Advance

You can’t just tell your employees to pack up their things and move in a couple of days.

Make sure you plan out the relocation at least one month in advance so there will be enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

Note down everything.

This includes estimated expenses broken down into categories, the employee’s new job role and responsibilities and everything else that needs to be communicated to him or her.

Staying organized will help save your time and make sure you don’t leave out anything.

Packing & Moving Services

Connect your employee to a good corporate relocation service to ensure smooth relocation.

A packing and moving service will ensure that your employee’s belongings are packed safely and moved without damage.

This will help them be at ease about moving their things and also take off some of the stress!

If the company already works with a corporate packing service, let your employee know about the standard procedures that are to be carried out.

It will also be extra beneficial if you choose a sustainable packing company.

Temporary Housing

It will be difficult to find permanent housing within short notice.

The employer should provide the employee with a few temporary housing solutions till they find a permanent place.

It can be an apartment facility, a shared room or even a hostel facility. 

Make sure the housing facility is clean and has all the required amenities located within a reasonable distance.

This will help the employees adjust better to their new location and environment.


Apart from temporary housing, you should also provide your employees with a place to store their goods temporarily.

You can utilize a short-term storage service located in the city that will store their belongings for the stipulated time.

You can find plenty of such services online at affordable rates.

Corporate Relocation Packages

If you have taken the decision to move your employees, you should provide them with a reasonable relocation package.

This package will help them with their relocation costs.

Depending upon your company policy, the package can be in the form of a lump sum amount for all their expenses or even in periodic deposits as the expenses come.

Make sure the amount is reasonable and covers most of the moving expenses.


Make sure you are communicating with your employees throughout the moving process.

You should try to make things smooth and comfortable for them since relocation can be quite complicated for some people.

If possible try to give them a tour of the new place or office so they can be at more ease about where they will be working.

Keep them updated about new developments and let them know how things are progressing. 

This includes letting them know about updates in phone numbers, and fax numbers and encouraging them to open up about any difficulties they might be facing.


Leaving everything on the HR or your employees is only going to make things harder. Take maximum advantage of professional services for corporate relocation.

Investing in some good quality services will definitely help you save your time and energy.



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