Mitsubishi Electric launches MI3000

Mitsubishi Electric extends its MELIPC Series, launches MI3000 Model Industrial Computers

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has made an announcement of launching two new MI3000 units on February 28.

This is extension of its MELIPC series of industrial PCs used in the field of factory automation for edge computing and control applications

The new units will ease the virtualization of various data at production site for enhanced productivity.

This new units comprises of various features. It will support the Edgecross for virtualization of data from the production site. Its high flexibility and scalability will enable an optimal system for a wide variety of applications.

The two new models to be launched on 28th February are MI3321G-W and MI3315G-W. The expected sale per year is estimated at 1000 units.

Supports Edgecross for visualization of data from the production site

These new units like the series’ existing three models are preinstalled with the Edgecross software and Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) data collector for real-time data collection of production site data and forming edge-computing systems. Edgecross is an open software platform from Japan which supports edge computing and FA/IT integration while SLMP is a common protocol for seamless connection between CC-Link IE compatible devices and Ethernet products without network boundary.

Pre-installed GT SoftGOT2000 is visualization software and is compatible with Edgecross for easy data visualization. GT SoftGOT2000 is software used for creating screen displays and screen-based operations.

High Flexibility and scalability

High flexibility and scalability will empower optimal system design for wide variety of applications. It has 21.5-inch widescreen with full HD LCD panel to display data easily and clearly.

PCAP touch panel technology acquired from smartphones and tablets provides a light-touch operation and enhanced LCD backlighting.

It is provided with flexible connections with various devices from Windows, barcode readers, OnVIF cameras.

It is accommodated with variety of expansion slots and interfaces, including audio output, support flexible system design for optimum solutions.

About Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has marked its presence in various sectors such as Energy and Electric Systems, Electronic Devices, Home Appliances, Information and Communication Systems, Industrial Automation Systems. It was established in 1921 and has it’s headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.



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