Mirror Review's Innovative Companies of 2020

As corporations move more and more processing resources and data storage to the cloud, and more and more employees work from home, the demand for remote system management and data analysis has gained major visibility. At the same time, the volume and variety of data to be managed and analyzed has increased exponentially. Throughout the world, companies are looking to find their niche and settle into a new normal….
PxBee: An Authentic Platform for Royalty-free Stock Images
The advancement of technology has practically favored every industry. The ...
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Tudip Technologies
Tudip Technologies: Offering Cutting-Edge Software Solutions Empowered by Innovation
In this tech-savvy world, the demand for software and software-related ...
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Sedicii: Securing the Future of Digital Identity
The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be one of the ...
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Liquid Web
Liquid Web: Powering The Clients’ Business Potential
Digitization has been swiftly adopted by many industry sectors. Even ...
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Forestpin: A Place where Innovation meets Perfection
The world is becoming much more tech-savvy and data-driven. With ...
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Defence Unlimited International
Defence Unlimited International: A Global Reliable Defense/Military & Security Consultants
In an era of complicated interests and multiple global crises, ...
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CoinLinked: A Blockchain-Based Social Commerce Platform for Crypto-Shopping
Today, the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets are two of the ...
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Innovation Quotient

Innovation quotient
Innovation Quotient: A Benchmark to Evaluate Innovation
With the ever-increasing digitization and brisk industrialization, the competition among ...
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