CoinLinked: A Blockchain-Based Social Commerce Platform for Crypto-Shopping


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Today, the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets are two of the most competitive market sectors. Innovations and new ideas gave birth to these cutting-edge markets and cryptocurrency consumers are especially curious about emerging technology. They are more likely to try new things than the average general customer, making innovations necessary to keep the audience excited about what a company is doing. This is where CoinLinked comes into the picture. Jenny Q. Ta (founder and CEO) founded the company to encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by making it easy to buy any product, from any website, all around the world using cryptocurrency. Jenny is the key driver behind CoinLinked’s success and reputation in the industry today.

From Wall Street to Crypto

Jenny started her career on Wall Street as a clerk and eventually worked her way up to founding her own brokerage firm. Hence, she became a self-made millionaire in her twenties. When Jenny learned about cryptocurrency, she recognized its potential to completely change the way people engage with finance. The veteran leader knew that she had to be involved in this space. She believed that cryptocurrencies would transform privacy and financial ownership, placing individual consumers at the helm with total control over their own data and currencies.

As founder and CEO, her role now is to lead CoinLinked as a one-stop hub where people can engage in impactful social networking, and participate in social networking (™) by monetizing their social media actions. Users can use their cryptocurrency to engage with the market via the power to make purchases with their holdings.

A First-Of-Its-Kind Marketplace

CoinLinked is a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based social marketplace, which also offers its users a safe and easy-to-use means to purchase any product from any website in the world using cryptocurrency. If the product a consumer wants to purchase does not have an associated site connection, consumers can reach out to CoinLinked customer service and have them broker an offline sale with their cryptocurrency. The company is currently supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum and plans to add altcoins in a few short months.

Other platforms that support crypto e-commerce such as Lolli, Fold, Moon, the Binance Card, Pluto, and Bitpay are limited to a list of partner vendors—or, in Moon’s case, the number of websites their browser extension can support. However, CoinLinked’s platform and app allow consumers to buy any product from any website, all over the world, using cryptocurrency.

Innovation is the Key

Innovation is necessary for companies that want to thrive in this sector. So, CoinLinked has a lot of unique, diverse features that make the company stand out—and part of what makes those features so special is that they’re all housed within a single platform. The company’s Crypto Drop Shipping (™) method allows it to operate as a completely merchant-agnostic service. Also, it requires zero merchant integration, which enables CoinLinked to offer consumers universal access to purchasing goods with their cryptocurrencies.

Traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter only allow celebrities or high-profile individuals to be recognized as “verified” users. On the other hand, CoinLinked allows every user to be verified as a legitimate person. Any user of CoinLinked can ask for verification while keeping their public-facing profile as anonymous so users can communicate with each other and relax comfortably knowing they are interacting with a real human being, not an unwanted bot or another bad actor.

Assembling A Smart Team to Confront Challenges 

For CoinLinked, regulation will prove to be a challenge, particularly because of the uncertainty surrounding the regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain products. The rollout of rules and regulations will be slow, and everyone is unsure as to exactly what those rules will look like and how they will affect businesses in this domain. To address this, CoinLinked plans to work with an expert team and is figuring out how its business is affected by regulation as it comes. Also, the company possesses a wonderful team of legal experts who are working together to handle this.

Motivating and Boosting Team

During this pandemic, it is important to keep team members motivated and focused. At CoinLinked, Jenny sets clear goals, gives feedback, and makes sure her team members know that they can communicate with her openly. She never believed in micromanagement and noticed that successful teammates perform better when given the freedom to self-manage and decide what works for themselves—and that’s especially true now when they all are trying to find out their quarantine working style.

The veteran leader always strives to share her larger vision for the company and gives clear explanations for what she wants and why she wants it so that her team can see the bigger picture of what they are doing. “I make sure to give positive feedback and reward good work. Knowing that we’re all working in pursuit of the same goal helps everyone stay motivated and understand the value of what they’re doing,” says Jenny.

Giving Power to Consumers

The pandemic has affected every industry, and the world of cryptocurrency is no exception. Many crypto-payment processors are seeing unprecedented growth, with organizations such as Lolli and Zap experiencing major transaction volume increases while people are in quarantine.  Consumers have been spending more cryptocurrency on expenses like retail and food delivery, with the volatility of fiat (Traditional, government-regulated currencies) around the world, and the contact-free nature of crypto payments, driving increased interest in owning and spending cryptocurrencies over fiat. This is where CoinLinked’s platform allows Bitcoin and Etherum owners to save their fiat for essential payments, like rent or utility bills by giving consumers the power to buy all the essential goods they need with their cryptocurrencies, giving consumers more options to choose from in regards to what currencies they want to spend on their expenses.

CoinLinked understands that cash is particularly precious to consumers right now due to COVID-19 and people being out of work. Therefore, the company gives consumers the power to buy all the essential goods they need, such as groceries, personal protective equipment, home goods, and anything else a consumer may want with their cryptocurrency.

There are many new developments in the works, but the project I’m most excited about is adding more cryptocurrencies to the CoinLinked network so owners of ALL types of cryptocurrency can use our platform,” says CEO Jenny. She wants to work together with issuers of other cryptocurrencies so that they can grow the crypto community and give every crypto owner the power to make retail purchases with their cryptocurrency.


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