Microsoft’s Xbox to eliminate the cheaters with AI

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The U.S. patent and Trademark Office published a patent application, filed by Microsoft, describing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that recognizes Xbox cheaters. This AI will not only search for cheaters within the gaming scenario, but also it will investigate through the connections amongst game and platform, for example, it will regulate the achievements, notifications, game scores and player ranking of the cheater.

The patent states, “A platform that hosts third-party games may not be able to detect cheating that occurs in third-party games, even where achievements in third-party games are managed at the platform level. When the third-party game notifies the game platform of the improperly awarded achievement, the game platform may award the player an item in response to the achievement, thereby rewarding the cheating behavior.”

For example, if a cheater played only for four or five hours and achieved the rankings, which generally require ten to fifteen hours, at that time the AI will definitely catch the cheater.

As the player data is huge, it’s hard to find the cheating patterns using manual techniques used by a human. It would be easier for AI to handle such patterns.

Use of Goal Management Module in AI

The patent states, “The goals management module confirms that the player’s information meets the relevant policy, and then updates the goal information in the user accounts database to show that the goal has been met (and to award any items for meeting the goal), goal information also may contain information regarding the meeting of goals in other platform activities.”

If the Goal Management Module suspects cheating, then the player’s account will be sent over to the enforcement module. Actions against such cheating will be based on the player’s history of cheating records. A first cheating offense may be solved by a warning mail and a repeat offender will be permanently banned on the Xbox network.



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