Marketing Strategies from Youdates

Marketing Strategies from Youdates: What Works and What Doesn’t for Online Dating Sites

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Online dating is one of the hot topics of the modern age. More and more singles are discovering how convenient it is to find their perfect partner via their web browser. What could be simpler? You create an account by popping in a few details. Once onboard, you can begin the exciting task of browsing through the profiles. It’s such a straightforward process, new dating sites are entering the marketplace regularly, catering to every possible type of relationship. If you’re involved in business development, you may well benefit from taking a deeper dive into how these websites and their mobile app versions are proving to be so successful. In a nutshell, here’s what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing dating websites.


Online dating has become a competitive marketplace, with all sorts of websites and apps catering to the huge demand. If your main drive is to tap into a modern and edgy site, youdates will provide you with everything you need. When you navigate to the homepage, you’ll get an idea of how to use branding effectively to stand out from the competition. This screen achieves an effortless balance between looking visually striking image-wise, while also providing a lot of concise text describing what to expect from this service. The logo contains a heart, telling newbies exactly what to expect from this web resource – it’s dedicated to helping you find romance.

Harnessing tech

One of the strategies that will put any site ahead of its competitors is by looking further into technological innovations. Dating websites have always relied on tech solutions to give maximum flexibility. Sites such as Youdates is a super-fast e-dating service, hugely popular with customers from as far afield as the UK, the USA, and Canada. But as well as providing slick communication channels for international dating, pay close attention to the developments just around the corner. Social media giants such as Facebook are increasingly pioneering the use of virtual reality (VR) software to allow people to connect meaningfully from their homes. How would this work in a dating scenario? Wear a VR headset, click on the single you’d like to interact with, choose a backdrop, and then begin flirting with their avatar. This will set you up nicely for when you do eventually arrange an offline liaison.

Optimizing your content

Here’s another important marketing strategy. Your aim should be to direct maximum traffic to your site, and for that, you need to employ effective SEO – search engine optimization. This is where your design team ensures everything – from headers to text blocks to the meta text behind the scenes – contains elements or keywords which potential customers will be searching for. Typically, this will include words associated with dating and matching via youdates. If you can’t think of a diverse range of these, you can check out online SEO guides and tutorials which will offer suggestions. When you pop images onto your pages, ensure these also comply with your SEO development by incorporating ‘Alt’ tags. These are descriptions of the images which will ensure your site can be read by those users who are visually impaired. The software will go through Youdates, and when it comes across an image, it will dig into the code behind it to find the Alt tag – description – of that graphic, reading it aloud. Nobody should be excluded from finding out what you have for your customers. Failing to take account of alt tags, or indeed any other aspect of SEO, will see your website slipping further down the rankings.

Reward your loyal customers

You should aspire to direct web traffic to your site by ensuring your pages are well-designed, your menu is easily navigable, and the color palette is pleasing to the eye. To guarantee as many people visiting as possible, it would be a good idea to offer free membership to new customers. This will draw in members, allowing them to browse through the various headings and sub-headings, getting a feel of the product you are offering. When it comes to attracting their attention, offer snapshots of the enhanced services they can expect if they opt to take advantage of your payment services. Youdates employs a system of coins and gifts, so anyone who is particularly keen to flirt can do so most effectively by paying a certain amount.

Social media

Lastly, never underestimate the power of social media for spreading the word. Taking out page adverts doesn’t work so effectively these days, primarily because users can be impatient and will quickly browse beyond ads. But providing share buttons would make far more sense. Encourage your members to spread the word about your website to their network of friends. The terrific aspect of this form of advertising is that it’s free.



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