LSEO: Garnering Transformations in the Digital Avenue


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Digital marketing has not only steered overall growth in the marketing industry but also helped streamline business operations and generate higher revenues. For years, digital marketers have been harnessing the benefits of digitization and inducing various beneficial trends in the ever-changing digital landscape. With the simultaneous introduction of numerous changes, it is difficult for companies to cope with the continuous evolution while synchronizing organizational goals with them. “Helping businesses grow and prosper in an ever-changing digital landscape,” resonates with the mission of LSEO. Since its inception, the company has been garnering its mission by ensuring the generation of constant results.

LSEO is the brainchild of Kristopher Jones (CEO and Founder), who established the company in 2014. Kristopher embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the late 1990s as the founder of the digital marketing and affiliate network—Pepperjam. He sold the company to eBay in 2009 after growing it as one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies and earning several recognitions for his work. Since then, he has invested and founded several technology companies and sold several businesses. Kristopher has been recognized with countless philanthropic awards and has been awarded various ‘entrepreneur of the year’ awards as well.

Strategized Transformational Services

LSEO offers various services for digital marketing—such as Search Engine Optimization (Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Link Acquisition), Paid Media Marketing (Paid Search, Paid Social, and Emerging Platform Advertising), and Web Design & Development.

With the onset of further transformations in the digital avenue, it is essential to keep a record of areas where prospective customers invest their time and learn to present in front of them. Be it via simple Google Search or showing an ad on TikTok, LSEO helps companies with gaining the attention of their prospects on ads.

Ingenious Leader at the Core

Being at the company’s forefront, Kristopher focuses on two important areas—strategy and growth. Speaking of challenges in the field, he highlights that acquiring and retaining top talent at a time when the distributed workforce makes it increasingly difficult especially in a small town poses the greatest challenge.

Kristopher has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 23 years. As an entrepreneur, he states that he has enjoyed numerous successes by focusing on the quality of services offered by LSEO while embracing the core value of the company—“our success is our clients’ success.”

Team of Digital Experts

We trust in our team to deliver exceptional digital campaigns that produce,” asserts Kristopher. Comprised of expert digital marketers, the team of LSEO beholds years of profuse experience across a variety of channels including SEO, PPC, and Web Design & Development.

The company stands robustly on three pillars, namely—Product, Operations, and Sales/Marketing. Every department is headed by a vice president who works to ensure that the company is providing services that meet the market needs and fulfilling services which are specific to the client.

One of the Core Values of LSEO is ‘Commitment to Personal and Professional Development.’ Catering to its core value, the company is constantly providing development training to its employees. Additionally, it also provides an in-house leadership coach who individually works with every employee to help them develop leadership and managerial skills.

Dedicated Client Services

LSEO beholds a proficient clientele portfolio. The company ensures its clients’ happiness by maintaining complete transparency and providing them with 24/7 access to its client services team. Each customer has a dedicated client services representative and can trace the actions the company is taking on behalf of their business in real-time.

Additionally, LSEO has created a customer life-cycle between three departments. In case things are not aligned, the company can adapt and make adjustments to the portion of the life-cycle which is off track.

Fueling Digitization during Crisis

The COVID-19 induced pandemic eventuated a transition into a virtual workplace, which boosted the usage of the popular video conferencing technology: Zoom. These rampant transitions piloted growth in the entire marketing and advertising industry within a few months, which would have taken 5-10 years to occur originally. As a result, companies of all sizes have embraced digital marketing as a primary advertising platform. While the pandemic subsiding will undoubtedly result in less reliance on a digital economy, growth is expected to continue as more businesses embrace digitalization.

During the pandemic, LSEO essentially doubled down on its digital marketing. The company increased its ad spend and the number of ads with Google Ads and Social Media Ads. LSEO revamped its organic social media posting and email marketing. The company also invested in a sales automation/engagement platform in order to reach more prospects efficiently at scale.

AI Domineered Future

Despite its dominance in the digital landscape, Kristopher believes that AI will be limited in the advertising and marketing space because of privacy concerns. In support of his statement, he cites an example of Facebook’s ad technology of 2018 was one of the most advanced ad systems ever to leverage custom audiences and AI. But as we know the power of Facebook’s tech and the recent privacy changes by Apple make the use of AI in the advertising and marketing space suspect.

I also don’t think robotics plays too much of a role in the ad space; manufacturing of course, not the ad space,” he quotes. While automation will lead to more platforms attempting to do the work of ad placement and optimization, according to Kristopher, automation doesn’t play much of a larger role than it already does in ad tech. Currently, LSEO is working on a digital marketing tool that presently does not exist in the market. Using this tool, the company aims to break into a new market segment. It further targets to provide a solution to businesses that previously did not have a suitable solution.


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