How Animation is ruling the digital marketing industry?

animation in digital marketing

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The marketing industry keeps changing every day. Everyone wants their products to rank number one in the market. To achieve this target, people try all the marketing strategies they can. From using the pictorial form to videos, all mediums are covered in the marketing strategies of competitive firms. Marketing gets tricky with time; a new day introduces a new strategy and a new trend. Businesses have to be updated because if they are not, the competitors will be.

The visual representation of the product is not only informative but also creative. Animation is the latest form digital marketing is interested in. Animation has changed the course of marketing. Animated videos are a powerful tool to create curiosity. An animated video can sell anything be it a box of cereal or a car. To be more specific, what would you prefer a monologue of a person talking nonstop about the product or a nice, creative, colorful video of the same brand? The audience sure does pick the colorful video. No one wants to listen to a 10 min long introductory monologue. Animation helps to merge information, creativity, and entertainment. The animation industry is not just limited to motion graphics there are other techniques too. To name few, stop motion animation, cut out animation, Claymation, puppet animation, 3D animation or the combination of all. Animation is a free space you can use a single tool or all the tools together to create what you want.

Using animation to the benefit 

As proved by the scientists, humans are visually oriented creatures. Humans pick pictures over text. If a picture can have such an effect, then a short video would grab more attention. Social media is the most visited site on the internet and digital marketing works best on social media platforms. Thus, advertising your product through a familiar medium would call more attentiveness to the product.

Further, to demonstrate how your product works, motion graphics is an excellent way. Motion graphics uses shapes and illustrations along with text which engages the audience and makes them further curious to understand the video. Most of the time people see this introductory video just because it is entertaining and people share them, which ultimately benefits with marketing.

Additionally, brands are going for animated logos. These logos are seen everywhere and attract the viewer quickly. The animated logo of Google was very famous because of  how uniquely and creatively it was presented. The idea of an animated logo is simple and creative which lures audience on the basis of attractive minute movements and motions. Many companies have started following the same trend. The animated logo creates more impact than a static one. The only trick is to not overdo something. Keep the logo as the prime focus.

Keep it simple and creative 

If the content is engaging and memorable you have your audience’s attention. Making the video engaging and creative all depends on imagination. Likewise, original content gets more valued in the market because creativity is original and never copied. Working on your creativity helps to distinguish the product from others. Being original eliminates the competition which is a good point.

An animated video developed from an original idea simplifies the complexity of the marketing message that you want to convey to your potential customers. Animated videos need balance in elements. “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” and thus, if you add too much in the video; the video becomes more complex and misses the whole point of the marketing. It may be entertaining but the marketing of the product is not done. Make it short and creative. The length of the video matters too. If the video is very long, the audience may skip it and move further.

Social media platforms and perks 

Uploading the animated content requires some specifications on social media. When opening any social media site, for instance, Facebook—the ads are auto-played. These ads are by default set to mute. The voiceover of the video is not much focused on. If the content catches the viewer’s eyes then the voice-over is listened to. The content should be informative nonverbally. Also, considering the attention factor, the image should be catchy enough to entice viewers in the first few seconds. Attention also depends on the emotional appeal of the video. If the audience connects to the content they remember it too.

With digital marketing, social media platforms can be used differently. While YouTube is considered, it is an educational, entertainment, or promotional site. YouTube videos are mostly of long length which can be purely informative or just plain entertaining. However, channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin have a personal appeal. The length of the videos is averaged to 1 min. Therefore, while digitally promoting the product, considering the platform would be more beneficial.

To conclude, an animation may seem expensive but it is not. Advertising spends a lot on actors, specific locations, editing and so on. When it comes to animation it just requires a good animator or an animation team. Investing in the animation strategy will improve the digital market. It can be used for digital marketing in countless ways, imagination is the only limit. Animation is not limited to motion graphics; the industry is very vast and keeps growing every day. The techniques used in animation are also improvising daily. Animation can get time-consuming but the results are worth it. Giving animation a try would surely prove beneficial to the digital market. Video is a powerful tool for digital marketing and animated videos add to the benefit of it. Animation is not just cartoons anymore— explore it for your benefit.

Vidya Joshi
(Content Writer)

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