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Current Stance on Liverpool Football Club’s Potential Takeover

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It was recently announced that current Liverpool owners, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are looking for new shareholders to become part of Liverpool Football Club. It remains unclear whether the American-based group are searching for a partial or a complete takeover.

The first news of a potential takeover came about at the beginning of November, amid many other Premier League sides going through their respective takeovers too.

This post will dive into the current stance on Liverpool’s potential takeover based on the information floating around over the last couple of months as we look ahead to Liverpool’s uncertain future. 

Put Off By Chelsea’s Struggles?

Chelsea is the most recent English elite football club to go through a full takeover, giving Liverpool an indicator of what to expect. Financial experts have proven that the Todd Boehly takeover of Chelsea was an overpayment, to say the least. The total sum came to approximately £2.5bn with an additional sum of £1.75bn for infrastructure development that will take place over the next few years.

This has led to Liverpool posing some interest in doing the same, but remaining cautious given the magnitude of the situation at hand. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have been brought in by John W Henry to assess the current market conditions and review if it is a lucrative opportunity to sell. The current consensus amongst news reporters is that Liverpool is willing to put some of the club on the market and essentially test the waters for a club of this magnitude. 

Interest Looming From The Middle And Far East

Further interest from the Middle East for a top Premier League side is apparent. Manchester City and Newcastle United have proven that investment from this area of the world has gone successfully. Very few would have bet on Newcastle’s takeover from Saudi Arabia going as well as it has, given their performances in the 2022/2023 season. The excitement and unpredictability of the Premier League this season have enabled punters to enjoy their best time when betting on the games.

Because Liverpool is one of the most valuable clubs in the world, the shortlist of who can put in a bid for the club is extremely short. Immediately, you must consider the remaining Middle Eastern countries of Bahrain, which have already expressed interest, and Kuwait. With Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE already owning large football clubs, it is unlikely they will be interested in pursuing another. 

Other reports have circulated about wealthy individuals in the Far East of Asia who potentially have the funds to pull off a deal of this sort. FSG would have to look to the billionaires of Singapore and potentially Malaysia to complete some form of sale. The support for Liverpool Football Club in this part of the world is already huge, so this could make more sense and would likely receive a better reception from the fanbase. 


There are questions over whether Liverpool will still be able to compete with competitors such as Manchester City, Chelsea, and Newcastle on a financial level if a deal is not completed. Even Manchester United are looking for a takeover of a similar nature. Liverpool is a historical club with incredibly passionate fans, but the business side of matters must be considered too. The team must strike a balance, conserving the heritage of the club and not falling into the commercial trap like others have done before.

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