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Portland-based Killer Burger looking for franchise expansion in Reno

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Next Addition Reno’s Restaurant Scene

In the past few years, several Portland, Oregon-based food and drink businesses have been constantly approaching Reno’s Restaurant Scene. One of the best Burger franchisees in Portland, Killer Burger is looking to become the next Portland eatery to bring its array of flavors —including its famous Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger — to Reno. Billing itself as a “rock’n’roll burger hangout”, the 10-year old chain is planning to open at least two franchises in Reno as part of its five-year growth plan. 

There really isn’t anywhere else in the West I would be more excited getting into. Remo’s got a mix of demographics we feel like we can thrive in. When you have a town that has a good share of healthy folks, a good working class, college, students, etc., that’s a real sweet spot for us because we appeal to a lot of different kinds of people,” said Brian Hebb, Director of Development at Killer Burger. Though the company doesn’t have specific locations decided for the franchises, Hebb said that Killer Burger is especially attracted to the Reno neighborhood where its fellow ‘Portland compatriots’ are operating. 

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Requisites to Buy a Franchise

According to Killer Burger, the franchisees will have to meet a net worth requirement of $1 million for a single unit, with $150,000 of liquid capital. The total investment range runs between $289,300 and $704,500, and includes a $40,000 initial franchise fee. The company says it is looking for both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees, with ideal candidates being “transitioning professionals, seasoned restaurant owners/operators, and skilled entrepreneurs.” 

Highlighting the fact that none of its franchise owners had been in the restaurant business before joining Killer Burger and they are now looking for a second location, Hebb added, “It is very gratifying to know that we can take somebody from another industry and bring them into ours and make them successful.” Killer Burger currently has 11 locations in Oregon and Washington and intends to quadruple its presence over the next five years. It also plans to bring its burgers to Boise and Denver.

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