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Kevin S. Kaplan

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In these changing times, impactful and positive leadership is more important than ever. Kevin S. Kaplan (Chairman, CEO and Founder of Coaching Charities LLC) embodies this. Alongside the traditional leadership qualities like hard work, positive attitude, and loyalty, a leader has to have the vision to inspire the team and cultivate future generation leaders. Kevin states, “Don’t pay attention to the noise, and have a laser focus on crossing the finish line.”

Kevin has immense professional experience in the marketing and management field spanning nearly 30 years. He started his career immediately after college by joining a governmental relations firm and then went on to establish ‘Beer Drinkers of America’–an advocacy organization sponsored by Anheuser Busch and Miller Brewing. Thereafter, Kevin served as an Executive Vice President of Marketing for the Birmingham Fire (NFL’s World League of American Football) and served as Vice President of Marketing for First National Bank of Albuquerque.

After accomplishing great achievements by 30 years of age, Kevin decided to establish and start his own business. By July 1994, he established his first successful company–Promotion Dynamics–a Sports Marketing, Sales and Event Management company. Seven years later by August 2002, Kevin started another business and established Coaching Charities.

Mirror Review recently got the opportunity to interview Kevin. We gained insights on his challenging journey of establishing the company as well as his views on leadership with associated roles and responsibilities.

Following are the snippets from our fascinating conversation.

What motivated you to establish your own company?

My strong desire to positively make an impact and help others is the main reason that motivated me to start my company ‘Coaching Charities’. Through our company, we have helped numerous clients to raise millions of dollars for many charitable causes, attracting the support of the nation’s most prominent philanthropists and celebrities. Coaching Charities has made a difference!

When was ‘Coaching Charities’ established and what are the exclusive services and solutions offered by the company?

Established in 2002, Coaching Charities is a full-service foundation management company assisting clients in achieving their charitable goals. We provide unparalleled expertise in fundraising, donor management, volunteer recruitment, event planning, non-profit accounting, legal compliance, grant administration, social media, and philanthropic guidelines.

What are your primary roles and responsibilities? Also, how do you ensure efficiently delegating your responsibilities?

As the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Coaching Charities, I am responsible for the growth and overall success of the company. Leading a special team of exceptional professionals, it is my responsibility to ensure efficiency in operations and also motivate my team by incorporating a healthy work environment. I have delegated every member of the team with specific duties and clients to maintain efficiency in operations. I have a lot of trust in my management team.

What exclusivities make you a distinct business leader?

My depth of knowledge and experience to navigate through a sometimes complex charitable world has helped me sail through challenging times. In addition to this, we have a significant and influential network that benefits our clients. These are the main characteristics that make us distinct.

What are some of the notable highlights of your career?

I was honored to receive the ‘Black College Football Hall of Fame Founders Award’ (2015). I have also helped with the establishment of the ‘HBCU Legacy Bowl’ presented by the Black College Football Hall of Fame. I assisted in the establishment of the ‘Polynesian Football Hall of Fame,’ which honors the greatest Polynesian football players, coaches, and contributors and the ‘Polynesian Bowl’.

I am also very proud to have helped in the establishment of the SEAL Legacy Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to providing support to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs, educational assistance for SEALs and their families, and other charitable causes benefiting the SEAL community.

Additionally, I developed and managed the LAS VEGAS Founding 75 campaign, whose mission it was to sell 10,000 NHL season tickets for Nevada to get their first major league professional sports franchise. History was made with the Vegas Golden Knights!

Another honor was to be inducted into the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Hall of Honor (one of five living members). I also served as Kappa Sigma’s (largest men’s college fraternity in the world) International President from 2003-2005.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced business leadership?

To remain successful, we needed to adapt through the COVID-19 pandemic quickly. And adapt we did, Coaching Charities has had record growth during these last few years. The COVID era has taught us the importance of giving and helping others. There has been a notable increase in charitable giving, and a seemingly stronger desire to positively impact communities.

What are your opinions on the rapid adoption of technology and digitalization? Also, how do you think these have influenced the future of the business sector?

There is no better way to secure significant charitable gifts than personal connection. Online giving continues to grow and will become more dominant. Rapid adoption of technology and digitalization has totally transformed how we do business, especially for the millennial generation.

How do you respond to criticism and tackle demotivation within the work atmosphere?

Criticism and adversity are facts of life. How we respond to it determines our happiness and success. I believe in immediately confronting the issues and moving on. We are committed to a ‘drama-free’ atmosphere and creating positive vibes only.

How do you maintain an optimum work-life balance?

For me, purpose equals happiness. I am fortunate to have purpose through my life’s work. When you love what you do, work-life balance comes naturally.

What upcoming services and solutions are anticipated by Coaching Charities?

To help more people make a difference, we are exploring a more expansive online platform complementing our current successful model.

Leadership Note:

Leadership Note

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