Do You Need An Immigration Consultant to Move to Grenada?

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The Grenadian government made policy changes to its immigration laws to attract investors into the country. Rather than the long procedures and requirements, foreigners can now get permanent Grenadian citizenship if they can invest a certain amount. Dubbed Grenada citizenship by investment, the scheme makes obtaining a Grenadian passport straightforward. Furthermore, the government has relaxed tax laws and offers several advantages to people who choose to acquire a Grenada passport by investment. If this has appealed to you and you want to make Grenada your second country, the next thing you need is to apply for its citizenship.

You have two options for applying for Grenadian citizenship. You can do it yourself or hire an immigration consultant. Due to the complexity of the Grenadian immigration laws, most people are better off working with registered professionals. So why do you need these professionals? Here are ten reasons in favor of working with a Grenada immigration consultant. 

1. They Understand Regulations and Permits

Applying for a Grenada passport can be a technical and time-consuming process based on the individual circumstances of an immigrant. Yet, there are some standards you must meet before being granted a Grenada passport. Under these circumstances, you only need to make sure that you are flanked by an experienced immigration consultant. These professionals understand immigration laws and are always up to date with the latest changes. They will help you to navigate an otherwise chaotic process without feeling the heat. 

2. Are Conversant with all visas

Apart from the investment route of migrating to Grenada, other categories include education, employment, marriage, and business immigration, to mention but a few. You may not understand all these categories but an immigration consultant does.

A registered immigration consulting company will help you from start to finish. Whether it is writing an application letter, drafting your CV, filling out the immigration form, and ensuring that the paperwork is completed, you will have a reliable person by your side always.

Immigration consultants are conversant with all the technicalities of the various categories. They will advise you according to your situation. 

If any roadblocks might hamper your application, they will deal with it. They are patient, have great attention to detail, and will work on your behalf always. They will track your application vigorously and make sure that you submit updated documents to avoid your application being rejected. 

In case of any problem, you can count on an immigration consultant to sort it out in no time. Should the visa officer deliver an unfavorable decision, your immigration consultant will appeal on your behalf to ensure you get justice.  

3. They Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Granted, you may make mistakes that force the immigration personnel to return your paperwork and ask you to do them afresh. These mistakes not only cost money but can also delay your passport approval process by several days or even weeks. The simplest way to avoid this is by hiring a professional immigration consultant. 

An immigration consultant will complete the process of application without committing silly mistakes. They help you fill out forms and submit up-to-date documents. 

4. Understand The Ground Rules

Getting your citizenship approved is not the final thing. To remain in Grenada, there are certain ground rules you must adhere to. 

An immigration consultant will help you to stay on the safe side of these rules and enjoy your stay in the country. A good immigration consultant will point out things you didn’t know.

5. Verifies Documents

It only takes one wrong document and your dreams of immigrating to Grenada can go up in smoke. The immigration personnel are very strict. They scrutinize each document you submit to ensure that they are in tandem with the information you offered. You will be at great risk of disqualification if your documents don’t match. If you are not lucky, you may even have to face fraud charges. 

The good thing is that an immigration consultant verifies all the documents you have provided to ensure that they are error-free and contain all the required information. 

6. They Will Fight For You

An immigration consultant is a lawyer who applies for Grenada citizenship by investment on your behalf. You can count on them to fight for you in case of any challenge. They will see to it that nobody trashes your rights and privileges. He or she will defend you in case somebody tries to wrongly interpret the law. These professionals are rarely intimidated. They are courageous courteous and straightforward. 

They also keep the communication lines with different authorities open. If you need any clarification or have a question, they will get back to you quickly. Should there be a problem with your visa application, these immigration consultants know whom to talk to. They will do everything they can to reach out to those in charge and correct the problem. 

7. They Ensure the Confidentiality of your information

Not only do professional immigration consultants ensure your application is given the attention it deserves, but also keep your personal information protected. 

It doesn’t matter the complexity r technicality of issues that arise out of your visa application. These professionals will advise you and help you accordingly. 

Whether you are married, single, have children or are divorced, a top-notch immigration consultant will help you to evaluate the changes that may derail your application. They just want to see that you succeed. That’s because your success is their greatest satisfaction. 

Immigration consultants swear to keep your information private. They have in their custody a wealth of personal information about their clients like children, spouses, financial information, and so on. Being professionals, they know the importance of confidentiality hence you don’t have to worry. 

8. Enable you to adhere to the Ethical Code of Conduct

Another important reason why you need an immigration consultant is that they help you not stray from the code of conduct. These include quality service, ethical practices, professionalism, and confidentiality among others. You can find out everything you need to know including skilled worker visa options.

Violating these codes of conduct may be considered insubordinate. When that happens, you will face the full force of the law. An immigration consultant helps you to stay on the straight and narrow and not get into legal problems. 


Becoming a Grenadian citizen is much easier these days. Anyone that can invest in the country has a chance of becoming a citizen. This has made the country attractive to foreigners from all walks of life as an investment destination. If you are one of them, we have just told you why hiring an immigration consultant is not a choice. 

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