Human Resource Challenges

Major Human Resource Challenges And How To Overcome Them

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While a software engineer is supposed to just run codes and a graphic designer is expected to keep improving visuals, an HR juggles many responsibilities at once. 

The HR team handles everything from recruitment to ethics and employee wellbeing. Such complicated responsibilities attract challenges too. 

Let’s click here to delve into the HR world and explore some challenges and their solutions to figure out what strategies you can follow.

1. Compliance With Rules and Regulations

With constant changes in the legal system, HR’s biggest challenge is adhering to all the rules and regulations related to employees and labor laws. Due to a lack of expertise and time, many organizations fail to adhere to these laws. 

A company not adhering to the laws as per the local rules of the area where it operates can attract lawsuits and penalties.

To ensure that your company stays out of legal troubles, you must train your HR or hire one with both knowledge and experience of all kinds of laws, from labor laws to anti-discrimination statutes. 

2. Payroll

Another major challenge for the HR is payday. Drafting salary data for 50 to 100 employees can be too much!

Moreover, the complicated process, including taxes, benefits, deductions and compliance with labor laws, can make it hard to measure wages accurately. 

Having a lot on their plate, HR can find it hard to stay updated with constantly changing tax laws and other payroll regulations. Any mistake in calculating the hours or bonuses can lead to incorrect pay, legal issues and employee dissatisfaction. 

The easiest solution to this issue could be payroll outsourcing. This way, you don’t just reduce the burden on the HR team but also ensure accuracy.  

3. Hiring

Increasing competition in the job market has made recruitment one of the most complicated tasks for HR. It gets hard for them to devote time and attention to hiring.  

Moreover, some firms do not have the capital to advertise the job vacancy, which makes hiring the right candidate even more complicated.

To attract potential talent, you should start with improving your company’s employer brand by showcasing your company’s ethics, work culture and employees’ experiences on social media and professional networking sites. 

Additionally, you can host networking events or tie up with educational institutions where you can find numerous freshers who are eager to take up jobs. 

4. Managing Diversity and Generation

Globalization has made the workplace more diverse than ever. People from different races, backgrounds, cultures and generations collaborate under the same roof.

As harmonious as it sounds, it can be a challenge for HR.

While diversity opens doors to innovation and creativity, it can also invite conflicts, as everyone has different opinions and ways of dealing with situations. In such a case, HR is expected to resolve conflicts and bias by taking proactive measures. 

To bridge the gap between the diverse employees, HR can create a space where each employee can share their experience and connect with the others. Moreover, they can train the employees to interact with their colleagues.

5. Health and Safety

The two vital challenges HR faces while ensuring the safety and health of the employees are adapting to the safety laws and implementing safety measures at the workplace. 

Employees’ health concerns are not just limited to physical but psychological health too. Apart from keeping a first-aid box in the office, HR also has to ensure that the employees are not facing any emotional or personal issues.

It falls onto the HR to identify and reduce workplace hazards, as not doing so can result in your company facing charges or injury claims. Forming a safety committee for the office can take some load off your HR. 

Moreover, you can invest in employee wellness resources, such as mental health support groups, fitness programs, etc. 


Your HR team, no doubt, works very hard while continuously juggling many responsibilities. 

For an HR to work effectively, the challenges faced by them every day need to be addressed. Only this way you can ensure your company’s success.  The above-discussed solutions will keep stress out of your HR’s plate and legal penalties far from your company. 



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