How to Blow Up on Instagram?

How to Blow Up on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. So far, it has accumulated over 2.4 billion monthly active users. And because of this growing popularity, almost every brand and content creator out there now wants to blow on the platform.

Essentially, they are all looking for ways to attract millions of followers and likes to their posts. But why is that so important? Well, when someone blows up on Instagram, it immediately increases their exposure and opens up doors to a lot of money-making opportunities.

The only issue is that competition has become very stiff on Instagram. Today, you can’t just become popular overnight unless you are a celebrity. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this article, we’ll share nine tricks that you can use to blow up on Instagram.

9 Tips to Blow Up on Instagram

Read on to discover nine practical tips that you can use to improve your chances of blowing up on Instagram.

1) Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers

If there’s one thing that will truly help you blow up on Instagram, it’s having a large following. But as we all know, to build a following on Instagram, you have to put in a lot of time and effort. That’s why we recommend that you consider buying followers instead.

Buying followers comes with many incredible benefits. It will boost your follower count, making your profile look more attractive to your target audience. After all, people are usually more drawn to Instagram accounts with many followers.

But if you’re unsure where to start, buy legit Instagram followers from Buy Real Media. You will get 100% authentic followers from real IG accounts. Other benefits will include a 30-day money-back guarantee and a refill guarantee in case your follower count drops within 60 days.

2) Optimize Your Bio

When someone visits your Instagram profile, the very first thing they will see is your Instagram bio. Therefore, what you say in your bio is a key determiner of whether someone will follow you or not. So, as you create your profile, make sure it’s interesting and captivating.

Choose a clear profile picture that represents your brand image well. After that, write a compelling bio that defines your brand. And while at it, make sure you include keywords and phrases that your target audience may be searching for.

These little steps will enhance your discoverability and help you attract the right audience to your profile.

3) Create High-Quality Content

Instagram is a highly visual app. So, if you plan to blow up and become a big name on the platform, you must focus on providing your audience with visually appealing posts. Use a mix of photos, videos, and stories to diversify your content.

The secret here is to make your profile attractive to potential followers. Also, create a unique identity for your brand by using a consistent theme and style in your posts.

Keep in mind that when people follow you on Instagram, they immediately want to know what to expect from your future posts.  

4) Be Consistent

Consistency is important when trying to blow up on Instagram. When you stick to a specific posting schedule, people know when to expect fresh content from you. Also, the routine builds anticipation and makes it more likely for your fans to engage with your content.

Besides that, ensure you consistently deliver top-notch content to your audience. Make sure your posts maintain a high quality at all times. The algorithm will take notice of your efforts and recommend your profile to even more people.

5) Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are another important Instagram tool that can boost your discoverability and get your profile noticed by others. Just make sure that you choose your hashtags wisely. Instead of putting random tags on your posts, use a mix of popular and relevant niche-specific tags.

That will make your content show up in both explore pages and niche searches. People who follow the big hashtags may discover your content, and if it resonates with their interests, they may follow your account.

6) Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with other influencers is an interesting tactic you can use to become famous on Instagram. When you collaborate with fellow influencers, you get access to their audience. Keep in mind these are people who could potentially become your followers.

But for this to work in your favor, you must first identify the right person to collaborate with. This should be a creator who at least has similar interests and values. Then, approach them with a clear idea of how the collaboration can benefit both of you.

After that, create content together and share it on your individual profiles. That will expand your reach, boost your credibility, and overall increase your chances of blowing up.

7) Interact with Your Audience

After posting content on Instagram, don’t just disappear! Stick around to engage and interact with your followers. Respond to their comments, messages, and mentions. They will feel heard and valued and, therefore, won’t have any doubts about becoming your loyal fans.

It’s also important to note that Instagram rewards active profiles. So, the more engaged your audience is, the more Instagram will push your profile to a wider audience who could become your followers.

8) Promote on Other Platforms

To expose your content to an even broader audience, share your Instagram posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

When you do this, your fans who might not be on Instagram will see the awesome content you share on Insta and probably follow you there as well. I like to think about this, like casting a wider net.

That said, create eye-catching previews or snippets of your Instagram content. After that, use attention-grabbing visuals to entice people to click and explore more on Instagram. 

Also, include a clear CTA encouraging people to visit your Instagram profile and follow your account.

9) Run Giveaways

People love free things. So, when you run a giveaway, you will likely attract many people to your profile. Giveaways build so much excitement, and before you know it, your Instagram profile may become the talk of the town.

To pull off a successful giveaway, start by choosing prizes that everyone wants and setting clear entry rules. Ask people to follow your account, tag their friends, or share your posts for a chance to win prizes.

As more people get involved, that will boost the visibility of your profile, making blowing up a real possibility for you.


As you’ve seen from this article, there’s no overnight formula for blowing up on Instagram. There are multiple things you need to do to gain popularity and build a following on the platform.

Luckily, Buy Real Media can help you achieve the same goal in the shortest time possible. You will get 100% authentic Instagram followers and save yourself the time and effort needed to convince people to follow your account and engage with your content.

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