Guide to Buying Apartments in Turkey

Your Guide to Buying Apartments in Turkey: Opportunities and Possibilities 

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Investment in apartments in Turkey is a promising opportunity both for personal use and financial investment. The guide outlines the major aspects of the apartment market in Turkey, highlighting its advantages, best places to invest and addressing some commonly asked questions to help you when you want to make your purchase.

Major Benefits of Investing In Turkish Apartments

  • Affordability and Value for Money: Compared with many markets in Western Europe and North America, Turkish apartments offer great value for money enabling investors to acquire more spacious properties per unit cost.
  • High Demands in Urban Areas: For instance, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir towns are always full of people due to their increasing populations and vibrant economies leading to excellent rental returns on investments.
  • Lifestyle and Amenities: Most contemporary homes in Turkey are usually accompanied by facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and security hence giving residents an easy life.

Most Sought-after Places for Apartment Investments


As the cultural heartland as well as the commercial nerve center of Turkey it has various kinds of apartments ranging from luxurious ones overlooking Bosphorus to cost effective units located within upcoming neighborhoods.


Antalya, known for its stunning beaches and tourist attractions, makes it perfect to invest in Holiday Apartments which can be rented out when the peak season sets in.


Being the capital city, Ankara is always having a constant demand for apartments from locally based professionals and diplomatic staff hence guaranteeing stability in the rental market.

How to Buy an Apartment in Turkey

Step 1: 

Familiarize yourself with various regions and their investment possibilities as well as lifestyle choices.

Step 2: 

Timetable visits to several suited apartments that you can afford.

Step 3: 

Liaise with a reputable local solicitor who will take you through the acquisition process by ensuring compliance with all legalities.

Step 4: 

Sort out your finances including any international payments that may be required to finalize ownership transfer.

Step 5: 

All necessary documentation should be completed while your property receives recognition from relevant local authorities.

Conclusion: Why Choose Turkey for Your Apartment Purchase?

In Turkey, apartments are incredible in terms of value and lifestyle. They are also prime investment opportunities. When it comes to buying property abroad or increasing your real estate portfolio, the country offers a strategic location, hospitable climate as well as warm culture.


  1. Can non-Turkish nationals purchase apartments in Turkey?

Absolutely! Non-Turkish nationals can easily buy apartments in Turkey because there exist almost no restrictions on foreign ownership and the government has made acquisition of real estate by foreigners part of its economic development strategy.

  1. What other expenses should I expect when purchasing an apartment in Turkey?

Further costs include property transfer tax, legal fees and agency commissions that may add up to about 8-10% of the purchasing price.

  1. How can I protect my investment while acquiring an apartment from Turkey?

Ensure all dealings go through a trustworthy realtor or lawyer who will stand for you in case things go wrong. Additionally, inspecting the house on sale thoroughly is advised so as to ascertain that all titles are clean and aligned correctly.

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