GET Group North America and Secure Planet

GET Group North America and Secure Planet Partner to Boost the Facial Recognition Technology

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Waltham, Mass witnesses the major facial security providing companies shake-hands

On April 17 2019, GET Group North America, announced a partnership with an I3 affiliated company, Secure Planet, which provides facial recognition-based solutions of the highest quality, security, and value to the U.S government including industrial and commercial clients. The company is best known for cutting-edge security credential provider of end-to-end solutions with over 20 years of experience in identity management.

According to the terms of the agreement, Secure Planet’s advanced facial recognition technology will be integrated in GET Group NA offerings, including its CoreID Personal Data Management System (PDMS) and its GET mIDTM Digital Identity Solution.

Secure Planet’s facial recognition solutions are developed in the U.S and concluded with the state-of-the art computing facial recognition algorithm. Further, they can be deployed portably or hand-held modes depending on customer requirements. The technology with facial extraction and matching from still imagery and videos are available both modes, in a connected or disconnected environment and over a variety of distances.

Director of Marketing and Communications, GET Group North America, Gerald Hubbard said: “Secure Planet has led the pack in terms of developing a facial recognition algorithm that provides the highest degree of accuracy, quality, and performance. By incorporating their technology into our offerings, we will best enable government agencies, motor vehicle departments, municipalities, law enforcement organizations, and corporate enterprises to implement optimal identity management solutions.” 

The technology will leave no individual untouched

Understanding the need, Secure Planet also offers a mid-range facial recognition capability that can hold facial images captured via streaming video. It can collect and match limitless faces from individuals sitting at the range between 5 and 350 meters in daylight condition.

Dr. Doug Dyer, Chief Scientist at Secure Planet, said: “We strive to consistently test and improve our facial recognition algorithm in order to provide the most accurate offering possible”. Further added, “Like us, GET Group is committed to proving the best and most effective solutions for managing identities. The combination of our technologies will allow governments and organizations to help prevent identity fraud and grant correct access to only authorized individuals”.



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