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When it comes to modern entertainment, not too many people will think first about casinos. They’re more likely to imagine the music industry and big-name concerts, sports events like the World Cup, or even major international eSports tournaments. The casino, though certainly a place of recreation, is usually part of some larger event, whether celebrating a birthday or heading to a concert hosted on the grounds.

Still, casinos are the extension of a centuries-old pastime. In fact, some casinos in Europe are hundreds of years old. From the canals of Venice to the social clubs of London, you can find historical casinos that honor the early days of gaming. But that doesn’t mean casinos aren’t modern, too. Today, the vast majority of casino players stick to virtual formats, whether looking for a casino bonus or shopping around for a new platform.

Virtual poker, compared to its physical counterpart, is much more convenient and accessible for the average player. Virtual poker also tends to offer steeper deals for loyal players and newcomers alike. On top of convenience, many established poker events include online qualifiers, which means players have a chance to compete at in-person events by qualifying through virtual satellite tournaments.

Viewed in both ways, as physical establishments with historical significance and as modern hobbies accessed online, you can start to see how the casino’s reach is greater and more varied than most think. But let’s take an even closer look at some of the more interesting areas that casino gaming has influenced.

The First Online Multiplayer Mode

Back in the 1990s, the internet was connecting people around the world virtually for the first time. Casinos, given their popularity worldwide, were some of the first platforms to launch online. These rudimentary websites allow players to select their favorite titles. But soon, developers were pushing the limits even further. 

In fact, some of the very first multiplayer games and multi-user chatrooms were launched by casinos as early as the mid-1990s. One of the biggest developers in the gaming industry, Microgaming, got its start before the turn of the millennia when it first focused on digitizing classic casino games.

And a Framework for eSports

Casinos helped innovate some of the first multiplayer games and chatrooms on the internet, which helped pave the way for online multiplayer games. But that’s not where the casino’s influence on video gaming ends. From these early casino platforms in the 1990s stemmed some of the world’s first iGaming tournaments. 

Though rudimentary, these also helped set up a framework that would later be used by eSports competitors. And while eSports borrowed from organized competitions within the arcade gaming tradition, they also borrowed from casino events that were hosted solely online. Without virtual casinos, there wouldn’t have been a blueprint for other types of virtual competitions.

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Taking Notes from Hollywood

Let’s take another unique look at how casino gaming has influenced entertainment—this time, via the brick-and-mortar casino. Did you know that Las Vegas was partly funded and built on the back of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, one of Hollywood’s biggest studios? That’s right—the same company that sprung MGM Resorts and the virtual BetMGM brand comes from MGM Studios. 

This crossover harkens back to the earliest days of Las Vegas, a mecca that was, as mentioned above, built and funded by Hollywood big-wigs. Specifically, it was a passion project from Kerk Kerkorian (amongst others), a businessman who purchased 40% stakes in MGM in 1969 and then turned his focus eastward to the desert of Nevada. Without the vision of Kerkorian and similar Hollywood executives, there might not be a City of Lights today.

The Creative Interpretation

The casino is a deceptively powerful place—whether a physical casino or a virtual platform. Interest in iGaming has driven interest in other sectors, from internet-based gaming to the construction of Las Vegas. But casinos have also left their mark on creative arts, as well.

Just about everyone can name a song that takes influence from casinos, from Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ to Kenny Rogers’ ‘The Gambler’. Casinos have also lent their image to dozens of hit movies, from Croupier to Ocean’s 11 to Casino. Each reference carries its own significance, whether focused on excitement, psychology, or intelligence. In fact, casinos have even leaked into popular video games. In Fall Out: New Vegas, players navigate a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. In other hits like Red Dead Redemption II, players can step into saloons—the casinos of yore—to build up their resources by playing a table game. Both are critically acclaimed games.



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