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Here’s How To Take Your Fashion Game Up A Notch

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Looking fashionable isn’t always about hopping on the latest trends or wearing expensive designer dresses. Sometimes, it is as simple as tucking a tee into your shorts or layering a dapper jacket over a dull top. In short, fashion is all about having a great style sense and an imaginative mind that makes you stand apart from the rest.

While fashion isn’t rocket science, you still need to put a teeny bit of effort into looking at your best. In this guide, we’ll take you through the best ways you can take your fashion game up a notch and be the ultimate fashion diva.

Let’s get started!

1.    Get Some Inspiration

Whether you’re a fashion virgin or already fashion-savvy, you must find the right inspiration to keep up with the trends. Start with pulling the most basic resources: family & friends. Whose style do you admire the most? Whose outfits enthrall you? Use those clothing ideas as a reference point and experiment with your look.

Not to mention – social media is a great source of style inspiration. Spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest, and observe how celebrities and fashion influencers dress. From their casual outfits like crop tops and denim to designer dresses, each look has a certain hint of motivation in store for you.

For a detailed guide and expert tips, we suggest you wade through online fashion blogs. Find a few fashion bloggers whose style interests you and note their tips to have a better grip on fashion.

Not least of all, you can gaze at designers’ catalogs, such as Cinderella Divine catalog 2022, to get an idea of the latest trending dress styles.

Get Some Inspiration

2.    Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You can look good but not stylish if you don’t leave your comfort zone. You must be willing to take a few risks, so do not shy away from bold, trendy pieces. They will instantly add a voguish touch to your look without having to splurge on a full shopping free.

When buying new dresses, the rule of thumb is to TRY! Try new things without being afraid of fashion stereotypes or faux-pas. Even if the certain style is too crazy, colorful, or young, you should give it a shot to understand what looks best on you.

Your Comfort Zone

3.    Wear Clothes That Fit

The most obvious yet the most important rule: find clothes that fit your body type. Even if you aren’t a pro fashionista, wearing a perfectly tailored outfit can easily help you look like ONE.

The key is knowing your body shape and buying dresses that flatter you. For example, if you have an hourglass shape (lucky you!), form-fitting styles, such as a sheath, mermaid, and trumpet, will help highlight your perfectly defined waist. On the other hand, if you’re curvy or plus-size, you’ll look stunning in fit & flare, a-line, and empire waist, wrap dresses, or any style that cinches your waist.

Are you skinny? Go for styles or patterns that add volume to your shapes, such as ruffles and frills. Monotone dresses or jumpsuits are also ideal for those who are slimmer. These create an illusion of a bulky figure, making you less skinny and pretty chic at the same time. Peep into this monotone sweetheart ruched bodice pleated a-line Cinderella Divine dress for the proof.

Wear Clothes That Fit

Always remember a dress that camouflages your flaws and accentuates your best features is the *one* made for you.

4.    Mix And Match

The best way to elevate your fashion game is to have fun with it! Try mixing and matching different pieces in your wardrobe, such as a crop top with an ethnic skirt, a pleated skirt with a t-shirt, a dress or gown with a jacket, and so on. This will give you an edgy look and helps you stand unique from the crowd.

In addition, you can also mix and match two or more colors, prints, and patterns that you think go well with each other. It’s the sure shot trick to make the most out of your wardrobe.

Mix And Match

5.    Master The Art Of Layering

The secret to making your outfits work every season is LAYERING. Wearing a smart denim or leather jacket over a summer dress gives you a practical yet appealing look for autumn. For the winter season, you can add more layers to feel warm. A fur jacket or long blazer works well when the weather is extremely cold and snowy.

What’s more? Layering also helps you conceal any areas of your body that you are not confident to flaunt. It’s a wonderful way to give a flawless look to your outfits.

Master The Art Of Layering

6.    Invest In Accessories

Statement accessories will give your casual dress a new look in a jiffy. Think of hoop earrings, layered necklaces, and dangle earrings – these are the trending pieces of jewelry that go with almost everything and add a perfect dash of glamor.

If you think your outfit is already too embellished or sparkling, then you should go with one statement piece at a time. Keep the rest of the look minimal for a balancing effect. Ask for advice from the jewelry store of your choice, if you’re insecure about how much is too much.

Besides jewelry, watches, sunglasses, belts, and even socks can help ooze your oomph.

Invest In Accessories

7.    The Right Shoes Matter!

Believe it or not, shoes speak louder than words! Wearing a nice pair of shoes with your outfit can instantly revamp your statement to OTT.

The choice of shoes sheerly depends on the occasion and your dress style. If you want to look stunning for a party, nothing screams “glamorous” than pumps and stilettos. For those who are not comfortable with pointed heels, classy wedges, block heels, and platform heels are the best alternatives.

Also, do invest in a trendy pair of sneakers, as they vibe great with every dress style.

The Right Shoes Matter!

There you have it – all the best ways to take your fashion game to the next level. If you’re already excited about flaunting your fashion-forward side, it’s high time you should start reinventing your wardrobe with trendy fashion pieces. Don’t forget to browse through the collection of Cinderella Divine dresses for exclusive styles, designs, colors, and prints at dream prices.

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