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What is an eSIM for International Travel & Why is it Convenient?

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Travelling or moving to another country can be an exciting and unique experience, but one of the issues that is most often overlooked is mobile phone and internet access. 

When you’re abroad, you won’t be able to make calls, send SMS or access the internet from your smartphone as you normally do at home and on the same tariff plans. However, if you do this while data roaming, it can lead to significant additional costs.

However, this is where eSIM cards for travelling can help you. They work in the same way as its physical counterpart, the SIM card, but you’ll be able to activate it online before you travel and ensure you have flexible internet access abroad at a low cost as soon as you arrive on the ground. Below we take a look at everything you need to know about eSIMs for international travel, and introduce you to the best provider at the moment

Do I Need a SIM Card When Travelling Abroad?

No, as a tourist you don’t need a SIM card for international travel, but having one will allow you to make phone calls and send SMS rather than relying solely on public or hotel Wi-Fi for internet access.

Before travelling abroad, check the terms of your contract with your mobile phone provider. Most contracts are limited and only allow you to use their services within your own country. Other countries usually charge what is known as a “data roaming fee”.

What is an eSIM card?

The eSIM chip is a special small card integrated into the phone, which is designed to connect mobile numbers of different mobile operators to it. This is a technology that the world did not accept immediately. But, today, many smartphone manufacturers are already experimenting with these features and are slowly introducing integrated SIM. The free space is occupied by other technologies.

All eSIMs, or simply travel SIM cards, fall into two types: “as you go” charging, where you pay exactly for the amount of service you used, and prepaid fixed data plans.

Which Devices Support eSIM? 

Today, such technology is more at the testing stage in an attempt to find out whether it will become popular with users. That said, many leading companies have already launched this feature. 

Among the devices with eSIM support today: 

  • iPhone XS to 13 mini; iPad Pro 12.9 to Apple iPad Air; 
  • Galaxy S20 to Galaxy Z Flip3; 
  • Huawei P40/P40 Pro, ANA-N29, ELS-N29. 

In addition, not only smartphones support such technology. The built-in chip is present in Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE and Apple Watch.

Why is eSIM — The Best Solution for Travel? 

A separate chip built into the phone is capable of holding information on five different data packages at once. In addition, switching between them is possible in a few clicks directly through the settings of your device. Therefore, when travelling abroad, it will be as easy as possible to switch on the local map. 

Advantages of eSIM for travelling abroad: 

  • Savings in tariffs; 
  • Quick switching between profiles without a physical card; 
  • Smartphone firmware is used instead of a physical card. 

So, for those who travel a lot or visit different countries for work, choosing a smartphone with an embedded SIM card will be more advantageous. It significantly reduces time and financial expenses.

How to Activate eSIM for Your Travel? 

If you don’t already have an account, go to the platform and do a simple registration (There is an option to authorise via social networks). The whole process is done in a few clicks and is quite simple due to the internal prompts. Then you will be able to use all the services of the online service. 

So, to get an eSIM for your trip, follow the step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Open the «eSIM Destinations» tab and select a country or region. 
  2. Then, you will see a list of available data packages with terms and conditions.
  3. Click «view offer» under the most suitable one for you. 
  4. On the data package page, click «Buy Now» button.
  5. Pay for it and you will receive a QR code that you will need to scan on your phone. 
  6. Next you need to add a new eSIM in your phone settings.

The phone itself tells you how to proceed. That is why the whole procedure will take up to five minutes. But, if you have encountered difficulties, you can contact ESIM-Man support, which works 24/7.



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