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Elev8 Brands, Inc. Officially Enters the Beverage Market Serves CBD-Infused Iced Coffee

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Offers free shipping on all CBD-infused beverages at incredible prices

Elev8 Brands, Inc. the holding company focused on commercial development of hemp and cannabinoid infused beverages as well as an array of CBD topicals and tinctures, announces official entry into the United States beverage market with its Ready-to-Drink CBD-Infused Iced Coffee in a can. The website is getting pre-orders of the CBD-Infused Iced Coffee beverages from customers nationwide.

Orlando, Florida based Elev8 Brands is now on the very cutting-edge of the CBD-infused beverage market and set to make waves as shipments of its RTD iced coffees land on market shelves and in customers’ hands.

After diligent efforts to give its customers the best purchasing experience possible, Elev8 Hemp is now able to offer free shipping on all CBD-infused beverages on its website in addition to their already incredible prices. The shipping price change added revenues in excess of one thousand dollars over night. This is an incredible step for Elev8 Brands and signals great revenues for the coming months.

CEO of Elev8 Brands, Ryan Medico, stated “This is an amazing time to be in the growing CBD space. The first shipment of CBD-infused iced coffee officially shipped out last week, putting Elev8 Brands in the Ready-to-Drink CBD space for the first time. In addition, CBD-infused iced teas are just days from shipping and, as a company, we are positioned to be the first publicly traded, national brand to launch both CBD-infused iced tea and CBD-infused iced coffee in the ready-to-drink beverages market.”

What makes Elev8 hemp apart from other beverage producing companies?

  • Elev8 hemp has mission to Craft the highest-quality, organic hemp products for consumers in search of a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  • It sources only the best organic hemp protein powders-naturally full of powerhouse amino acids and Omegas-3, 6, and 9, so that they can infuse your daily coffee and tea with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre.
  • CBD-infused coffees and teas are its specialty.
  • The plant hemp itself is environmentally friendly, and as a food, hemp is highly nutritious, a powerful anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and a pain reliever.
  • The aroma of the coffee is often earthy and floral along with subtle cocoa flavour and others.
  • The hemp contains adequate amount of proteins and other essentials which help to increase energy, reduce cravings, maintain cardiovascular health, and improves immune system.



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