Ed Weeks, Jr.: A Trailblazer fostering Innovations in the Digital Marketing Industry

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Modern leaders in the industry must be passionate readers, quick adapters, and open-minded. With the marketing industry constantly changing and technology rapidly evolving, today’s leaders must be fearless when recruiting. Too many people in the industry worry too much about popular opinions, and less about doing what’s right. Tough decisions are never easy, but vital to succeed.

Ed Weeks, Jr. MBA (CEO, HV Media Group), however, distinguishes himself from the other leaders in the digital marketing, e-commerce, and cannabis sector with his intrepid approach.  Besides being an audacious leader, Ed is also a valiant acquirer of digital businesses. “I will always bring fair value and future growth opportunities to any business that joins our vision” states Ed.

Commencement of the Journey

Ed pursued his Bachelor of Science degree from the state university of New York at New Paltz and Master of Business Administration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. His career started on Wall Street in the 90s and in early 2000, where he became an entrepreneur and launched his first business. After working for a decade in Big Pharma, his passion for evolving industries, led him to setting up his first digital marketing company in 2015.

It was an interview for a promotion in Big Pharma motivated Ed to become a business leader. At that moment, Ed realized that corporate America and working for someone else was over for him “I needed to run my own business the right way, by treating those I worked with the utmost respect and investing in people” says Ed. He adds, “there are many wannabes and pretenders in corporate America who don’t respect their colleagues or employees, their values can often be more tied to status than doing what’s right. I feel fortunate that I was able to exit that environment, many get sucked in”.

Client-centric Establishment

Previously known as HV Social Media, HV Media Group was established in 2016.

With Ed’s skills and talents for digital marketing as well as strong work ethic, it was easy and natural for the company to set up a business in the digital world. Over-priced digital agencies often complicated marketing and deceived clients, which was frustrating for Ed to see.

With a business goal to always elevate the clients to new heights, HV Media Group fully concentrates on the client work while immersing itself within the client business, understanding their products and services as well as target audience and internal processes. All these efforts result in super effective campaigns that provide results and are responsible for the ultimate growth.

HV Media Group’s core values include delivering exceptional customer service. The company has a mission to ensure its clients’ success and their future growth. It is a customer-centric, client-focused agency that focuses on creating strategic marketing campaigns that get optimal results for the clients.

Ed firmly believes that the customer is always right when they run their businesses, however, is often misguided about the marketing. The team at HV Media Group has a cumulative experience of 50+ years, and it knows how to work across Cannabis, Dental, and Medical Industries. Due to HV’s effective marketing strategies, clients stay on an average 36-48 months with the company.

Happy Online Experiences

HV Media Group holds a holistic approach to marketing and combines modern marketing disciplines to provide services in advertising, digital marketing, communications, web infrastructure, visual design, multimedia, and branding. HV Media create purpose-driven marketing strategies that include brand messaging, analysis, evolution, acceleration, and growth.

The company provides various distinct services in digital marketing. These services include Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising, Organic Social Media Management, Paid Social Media Management, Marketing Automation, Creative & Graphic Design, Web Development and Web Design, Funnel Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Leading from the Front

Being a CEO of the company, Ed shoulders many responsibilities. He trenches with everyone related to the company such as clients, employees, contractors, future potential customers, and mentors. “I cannot lead from above. I have to be in the mix, so I can understand all aspects of my business and make it better,” states Ed. Instead of micromanaging, he encourages others to self-manage, make the right decisions, follow their gut feelings and be prepared to learn from mistakes.

Motivating and empowering the HV Media team is one of the vital tasks of a leader. Ed helps the employees by illustrating, inspiring them and recognizing everyone’s unique talent, so they can thrive in their role. According to Ed, employees can do whatever makes them happy, provided they do the best in their role and always achieve an excellent outcome for the client. A happy team equals happy clients. One of Ed’s mentors once stated that, the good life has 4 pillars that are health, wealth, love, and happiness. He wishes all people and companies to see growth in these pillars.

Important Client Feedback

A satisfied client is the best marketing tactic. If a client does well, an agency triumphs. This is what brings out more clients to the company. Client feedback impacts the functioning and success of the company. It is at the very essence of first class marketing. Without clients’ feedback, the partners don’t understand what is working and what is not.

There’s no denying it, Ed is a smart leader who can identify the ideal client to work with. This ability comes from 30+ years of experience dealing with various people and businesses. This insight enables HV Media’s sales team avoid connecting with the clients and companies that aren’t a good fit.

Strategies for the Future

Ed has anticipated future plans for HV Media Group, envisaging an acquisition by someone who shares the same vision, goals, and philosophies of the company. If not acquired, HV Media will continue to invest in the team, recognizing the best talent to carry HV Media Group forward.

Advising tomorrow’s Leaders

As an experienced leader in the industry, Ed shares his top three tips to those wanting to succeed in business:

  • Be the best if you expect the best.
  • Let your example be what others hope to attain, and then help them get there.
  • Don’t ever care what the popular opinion is. Always do what is right, even when no one is looking.


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