Digital Marketing Tips for Your ecommerce

Top 4 Digital Marketing Tips for Your ecommerce Store

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ECommerce is a great way to open a business with limited funds, as it allows you to test new concepts and create a brand with fairly small costs. With the branch getting more recognition online, there are more people wanting to create their own store and start generating income. There are many useful guides to help you start out, however, most of them lack advanced knowledge. If you find yourself in a position where you already have a store set up and would like to scale your business – you’re in the right place.

In this short article, we’ll provide you with practical tips which will help you grow and attract more potential customers. Your ecom store will see more visits, events and, most importantly, sales. If that sounds appealing to you, stick around to learn all the best digital marketing tips for your ecom website. Let’s go!

1 – Upgrade your ecommerce website

The truth is… Your website is like a storefront. It needs to be well-maintained and appealing to the human eye. Back in the day, craftsmen would create a ‘masterpiece’, which would be a perfect example of their work available on display for potential customers. You should view your website the same way. Your site needs to be working perfectly, be responsive and easy to navigate. The biggest mistake people often make is they use premade shop layouts from various providers. This is fine for beginners, but you should try to take it to the next level as soon as possible.

That’s where headless ecommerce comes in, and it’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting to upgrade their store. Implementing such software architecture will give you more customization choices, an improved customer experience as well as speeding up time-to-market. There are many technical advantages that could be listed. Your upgraded website will become way smoother and more flexible, giving you a chance for more development and to differentiate your store from others.

2 – Improve your ads

In order for your site to gain recognition, you will need to raise more awareness around it. And this is all crucial if you want to build a strong brand with credibility and trust. The best way to reach more people and attract potential customers? Obviously, ads. Especially social media ads, as they are the perfect place to test new concepts and multiple ideas at the same time. You can also target different demographic groups via different platforms, for example, with TikTok, you will reach a younger audience, but with Facebook, a more mature one. That being said, your ads need to be on point.

If you want your ads to be top-notch, we suggest sourcing attention-grabbing creatives, since the first few seconds are the most important for somebody scrolling through their feed. A picture is the bare minimum nowadays, but we highly recommend a video. For a few reasons – a well-performing clip will make people spend more time watching the ad for your ecommerce product… And there’s always a chance it may go viral and reach tons of people. The best part? Your digital movie creatives can be utilized on different platforms, pretty much any you desire – YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are just a few to name.

3- Sell more to current customers

While creating ads and seeing them perform well is all fun and exciting… One of the most efficient ways to boost your sales is to utilize your current leads. Since you’re not a beginner anymore, you probably have a decent number of satisfied customers who are already aware of your brand and are more likely to purchase again. How exactly do they get them to come back to your site? Simple stuff. If you don’t have a lot of funds for a marketing campaign and need to increase your revenue quickly, this is your best bet.

Having an email list with attractive email marketing is key. That’s why you need to get clients’ contact info when they’re checking out, so you can reach out to them later. You can offer a strong discount code for future purchases, introduce new products as ‘exclusives for loyal customers’, or even just stay in touch, so they remember your brand. That being said, such a tactic differentiates a newbie ecom entrepreneur from a professional. It’s the knowledge that selling to existing customers is way easier than trying to sell to cold traffic.

Additionally, partnering with a professional digital marketing and e-commerce agency can further elevate your sales efforts. First Pier specializes in providing comprehensive digital solutions that can help you optimize your email marketing campaigns and develop unique strategies to engage and retain customers

4 – Create a brand identity for your business

This is the biggest and hardest step for many ecom stores out there. Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of focusing on delivering the product, instead of focusing on vision and image. And let’s face it – in most cases, the product can sell itself, it’s the marketing/branding that makes it unique and more desirable. If you look at all the biggest brands in the world, this is exactly what they’re trying to achieve.

How to create a powerful brand identity for your store? To be completely honest, all you need to do is follow the steps listed above, and combined together, they will enable your website to become a leader in your field. You may have noticed that what we’ve described in this article so far relates only to the selling part and headless architecture, without mentioning anything about the product/niche choice. But keep in mind that the product also needs to be unique and problem-solving in order to be perceived as valuable and desired.


Improving your eCom store is a challenging process, but if done correctly – it will be more than rewarding. You will have to upgrade your website, come up with viral ads that attract and retain attention, as well as run marketing campaigns to utilize existing leads and customers.

And when you combine genius marketing with a valuable product that people just need to have? You will be destined for success sooner than you think.

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