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3D printing technology is now in its early stages whereas, the skills, experiences, know-how of market-leading companies have evolved faster than expected. A 3D printer is capable of printing everything from cars to food. However, it is uncertain whether the 3D printers will be able to replace production as 3D printing technology is a still special field covered only by some experts. It is expected that the demand for 3D printers will highly increase if the infrastructure is enabled to anyone who is involved in printing desired objects at a nearby location without complicated restrictions and also is provided by developing 3D printing technology.

Furthermore, the importance of 3D printing is surged with the outbreak of COVID-19. This health crisis has brought an unprecedented impact on businesses across industries. The current situation has led to the development of 3D printing technology faster as many companies are researching how to use 3D printers to eradicate COVID-19, and the rise of a contact-free economy is boosting the technological progress of 3D printing industry. Cubicona Korean based company was started as an in-house venture department of HyVISION System in 2014 and was founded as Cubicon in 2017.

Precising Equipment Manufacturing Technology

Cubicon started with the goal of contributing to individuals and companies engaged in creative development activities. Cubicon derives from two words ‘Cubic’ meaning regular hexahedron in a perfect form and ‘On’ which means activation and vitalization. It signifies that all objects can be configured perfectly by Cubicon. Based on HyVISION’s precision equipment manufacturing technology and experience, the company believes that it can contribute to and can do better than other competitors in the 3D printer field.

It offers unlimited services in the field of 3D Printer, Materials, Software, 3D printing, and is aiming to become the Total 3D Printing Solution Provider. It seeks to more easily and quickly utilize 3D printers and study core technologies by integrating various technologies. In the last 5 years, it has developed 3D printers in-house and supplied more than 10,000 units in Korea contributing to the spread of 3D printers. It holds a perfect 3D printer with an auto-leveling system, special coating bed technology, and triple filter applied based on vision recognition and precision movement control technology from HyVISION, a parent company, and are developed independently. Cubicon leads 3D printers manufacturing due to its technological superiority.

Contributing Towards Creative Development

David Choi, CEO of Cubicon believes that there are always developers and companies immersed in creative development, but there are hardly companies to show a new solution to make some splendid ideas real under the current mass production system. In particular, it is not easy to find companies that welcome creators and inventors to create something new and they know that such mockup samples normally need huge costs to produce or it is difficult to get help for production. Wherein, 3D printing business contributes to creative development activities at a low cost, and to be able to manufacture customized products differently from the existing manufacturing methods specialized in mass production.

David spends plenty of time on development and encourages team members to make perfect products through relentless research of elementary and core technologies and improvement of in house technologies, rather than just sticking to high-margin products. He strongly believes in encouraging the team members to contribute and develop 3D printers without getting effected by the external factors such as sales or net profits.

In Pursuit Of High Quality and Standard

Consumer satisfaction is a tricky place; Cubicon is trying to respond to multiple requests from consumers and is still improving. In order to improve the quality of services, Cubicon has a plan to found local branch, look for a regional service agent and various campaigns. So far, it has not fully satisfied the consumer’s requests. Overseas customers have exposure to several 3D printers, and it makes them pursuit high quality and standard.

Today, the biggest obstacle is the speed at which public awareness of the usefulness of 3D printers spreads. That is why it is in opposition to learning and adapting new devices, modeling SW and the lack of convenience and performance of 3D printers. The biggest challenge is to make the usage of 3D printer easy and beyond limitation with secure, stable and strong performance.

Moving Forward With the Plan

Cubicon has produced mainly Desktop 3D printers. However, in the near future, the 3D printing industry will become more important than heretofore. Cubicon is spending significant time on industrial 3D printer element technology as it firmly believes that the industrial market will be much bigger than the education market. Understanding the consumers’ needs, Cubicon has launched two types of high-end 3D printers—the Style NEO series, and the industrial SLA equipment MAX600. Style NEO-A22C is attracting high response from consumers in terms of performance and design. Style NEO-A31C of larger build size is also scheduled to provide in August after final test. In addition, the industrial SLA equipment MAX600 is also expected to be exported overseas. The newly launched MAX600 SLA printer was the evidence, which showed Cubicon has planned to produce a continuous industrial 3D printer and is moving forward with the plan.


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