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Top 7 Coffee Producing Countries by Volume as of 2024

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“Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee.” All coffee lovers believe that ‘Life begins after coffee!’ But have you ever wondered where your morning coffee comes from? Well, every cup of coffee has a story to tell and these stories start from the top coffee producing countries across the globe.

In this blog, let’s take a journey through the countries producing the most amount of coffee in the world in 2024. Allow yourself to know more about not just the production volume but also about the climatic conditions in which your beloved beverage grows and makes its unique mark in the coffee industry.

Here Are the Top 7 Coffee Producing Countries Leading the World in 2024

1. Brazil

Coffee Producing Countries

  • Production Quantity: 3,558,000 Metric Tons

The quantity of coffee production in Brazil is massive! The climate in the regions of Brazil where coffee grows is just perfect for it. It ranges from the tropical in the north to the temperature in the south. This way the country has an ideal balance of rainy and sunny days.

The precise range of temperature is 18°C to 23°C which is excellent for coffee cultivation. The mountainous geography adds to the perfect conditions in the process. In addition, the annual rainfall of around 1,500 millimeters, supports the quality of coffee there. Brazil is notable for producing both kinds of coffee beans, ‘Arabica’ which is famous for its sweet and softer taste, and Robusta which has a strong and powerful taste!

Interestingly, Brazil has been the world’s leading producer of coffee for over 150 years responsible for around ⅓ of global output. Indeed the Brazilian coffee culture’s roots are so deep that it is also the country that’s the largest consumer of coffee. The country has a wonderful collection of unique coffee such as Bourbon Amarelo(yellow), Bourbon Vermelho (red), and the most exported Mundo Novo range. This Brazilian coffee is often familiar for its high quality. Around 2,20,000 coffee farms support the coffee industry. Therefore all this makes Brazil rule the list of coffee producing countries.

2. Vietnam

Coffee Producing Countries

  • Production Quantity: 1,830,000 Metric Tons

Vietnam is making a huge amount of coffee in 2024! This makes the country the second-largest exporter of coffee beans worldwide right after Brazil. Interestingly, Vietnam contributes 14% of the world’s production of coffee. The ideal climate and the high quality of fertile soil in the country make it favorable for coffee cultivation.

The region of Central Highlands where the altitude ranges from 200 to 1,500 meters supports the conditions for great growth of coffee. The combination of significant rainfall and the warm climate also helps in the growth of coffee plants, especially, for the Robusta variety. Well, Vietnam largely grows Robusta coffee because of its strength to survive pests and diseases. In addition, the country also cultivates the lesser-known Liberica variety of coffee.

The types of coffee famous here include Cà Phê Sữa Đá (Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk), Cà Phê Trứng (Egg Coffee), Cà Phê Đen Đá (Iced Black Coffee), Cà Phê Chồn (Weasel Coffee), and Cà Phê Dừa (Coconut Coffee). The coffee shops are very famous in the country and serve as social hubs for friends and families to spend their leisure time and make great places for business meetings. People use the traditional slow-drip methods with ‘Phin’ to create a smooth and aromatic coffee. Therefore, Vietnam is one of the unique coffee producing countries in the world.

3. Columbia


  • Production Quantity: 858,000 Metric Tons

The production of coffee in Columbia is reaching new heights! The weather is just ideal in Columbia for the coffee plants to grow healthy. The country has high mountains accompanied by the perfect amount of sun and rain. Well, this helps in the coffee growing process making it taste great.

The coffee grown here is Arabica, which is known for its excellent taste and the special essence of unique coffee. Adding to its specialty, it is interestingly grown high up in the mountains. And, surprisingly, each region of Columbia has a different taste of coffee. Even today in small family farms, the coffee is handpicked in a great quantity.

Indeed, the coffee from this country is familiar for having unique flavors such as flowers, fruits, nuts, and also yummy chocolate. Isn’t that interesting? Of course, it is! Briefly, all this together makes Colombia coffee so recognized in the world making the country one of the great coffee producing countries.

4. Indonesia

  • Production Quantity: 642,000 Metric Tons

Indonesia is producing a lot of coffee! The climatic conditions are just right for coffee cultivation in Indonesia. In addition to having warm and rainy weather, it also has many mountains.

Among all the coffee types, mainly Robusta is well-grown here. This coffee has a lot of caffeine and is very strong in taste. What makes Indonesian coffee different from others is its strong taste with hints of fruits and chocolate.

The country is also famous for making a very expensive coffee called ‘Kopi Luwak.’ Moreover, the beans of coffee are sometimes dried in such a way that it enhances and makes the taste rich and full of the coffee. This is why Indonesian coffee is popular all across the globe.

5. Ethiopia

Coffee Producing Countries

  • Production Quantity: 441,000 Metric Tons

Ethiopia is one of the top coffee producing countries known worldwide for its mesmerizing coffee. The weather in Ethiopia is just as ideal as it should be for the good growth of coffee. It has high places with enough rain for the plantation.

Known for its great taste, mainly Arabica coffee is cultivated here. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that the coffee has many different tastes. The coffee trees here are very old and often grow in the wild. This makes the coffee have a very rich and wild flavor that is different from the rest of the coffees in the other places. Therefore many people love Ethiopia’s coffee because of its unique taste!

6. Honduras

Coffee Producing Countries

  • Production Quantity: 390,000 Metric Tons

Honduras is making a great amount of coffee in 2024. Here the climate is good for the cultivation of coffee. It is warm and it rains enough but not too much which is just right for these plants to grow well. The coffee from Honduras is mostly Arabica which is known for its taste. The coffee grown here is special due to it growing high up in the mountains of Honduras.

This naturally makes coffee taste good. In many areas of this place even today many families work together to grow coffee which is like a traditional occupation making it not only a hand-picking process but even more special. Therefore, Honduras is one of the top coffee producing countries in the world.

7. India

Coffee Producing Countries
  • Production Quantity: 329,100 Metric Tons

India is producing a remarkable volume of coffee in 2024. As you know coffee plants grow well when the climate is just right. In India, they grow nicely when the climatic temperature is between 15°C to 28°C, and in rains like 150 to 250cm these plants flourish.

Neither too hot nor extremely cold but just a little dry weather during coffee berries are getting ripe helps a lot here! India grows two main types of coffee which are Robusta and Arabica. The most unique thing about this coffee is that India is the only country among the top coffee producing countries that grows coffee in shade where direct sunlight does not reach them.

Sometimes, the coffee plants grow near spices like cardamom and cinnamon which can make coffee taste and smell a little spicy. Interestingly, there are more than 16 types of coffee plants that you will find only in India. Isn’t that wonderful? Of course, it is! Here the coffee is made in a special method known as the ‘Indian Filter Coffee,’ which is a mix of coffee and chicory giving a unique taste.

End Note

As we conclude our journey through our favorite beverage, we realize that coffee is an emotion! Each of these coffee producing countries has a unique touch to its flavor to offer to the world. These countries not only produce coffee for you but also make sure that you enjoy your leisure time to your best!

So, next time when you have your mug of brew, take a moment to appreciate the global efforts to get you the best coffee. Let’s together cherish every sip of our coffee remembering where the place where it came from!

Simran Khan

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