Cloud Computing and Storage

Why Cloud Computing and Storage are Best Things since Sliced Breads?

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Key Highlights:

  • Etsme is a private electronic storage tool, which transmits cloud from the virtual ether, straight into the computer desks.
  • This classic user-friendly device is the creation of inDare Innovation.
  • This product has the capability to store any kind of private data including confidential documents.

Enhancing Software Features

Cloud is being utilized everywhere around the globe, courtesy of its amazing features like efficiency, user-friendliness, etc. Platform like Google is offering cloud storage services, where a user can store and share pictures along with information through Google+ and Email. The completion of process is accomplished with just few clicks.

Here are some exclusive features offered by cloud storage devices.

1. File sharing in an easy way

File sharing can be accomplished in an easy and efficient way. Google Docs, DropBox and SugarSync are among cloud storage providers. These file sharing systems allow users to share information and keep the data in sync. One can edit the information within documents as well.

2. Cloud storage for music

Apple has been utilizing its own cloud storage particularly for music. The cloud storage allows uploading a wide list of songs. The procedure involves matching songs with the already existing ones in iCloud. After comparing, it stores the ones not available in the list.

3. Cloud designed for single user

You have a privilege to choose between private and public cloud. To enable private cloud for an organization, you need a dedicated IT infrastructure. The infrastructure is oriented for single user access only. There are cloud providers who can avail management services or you can manage it on your own.  In order to access private cloud’s function, you can simply login and get started with the work.

4. Free cloud storage space

Google is offering free cloud storage space of around 15 gigabytes. In order to secure more space, you need to pay some amount. Moreover, this free space creates room for all the necessary documents.

EstMe: A Private Storage Tool

Recently, a cloud-based advancement named “EtsMe” is introduced by inDare innovation. EtsMe differs from other cloud-based products as it can be utilized physically. Smartphone users can access this tool. This gleaming device has been designed in such a manner that it appears stainless, plain along with a geometric frame. The appurtenance is user oriented and has capability to adapt disparate functions.

The intriguing part about EtsMe is, you don’t need much effort to assemble the device. This device is reliable and efficient. To establish a protected connection, you need a smartphone. It has a feature where lights interchange depending upon the moods along with securing privacy. The light consisting curved exterior is designed to let light divert through eaves of the product’s appearance, which as a result act as a barrier to shield the device from privacy alteration. 

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