Chevron makes Microsoft Azure a primary cloud provider with seven year partnership deal

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Chevron partners with Microsoft Azure with a seven year partnership deal making it a primary cloud provider.

Chevron is looking forward to it as a great deal, as this will accelerate the application of technologies such as analytics and the Internet of Things to drive performance and improve efficiencies. Bill Braun, CIO of Chevron said that the company saw Microsoft as a good fit because of its global reach.

It is indeed a great move made by Chevron as the most of the data energy companies, among others in similar industries are enjoying great profits. In Chevron’s case, its ‘things’ – in this instance, production facilities, drill ships and fiber optic cables inside well casings – can generate up to one terabyte of data per day. Through the partnership with Microsoft, Chevron plans to act upon this data in real-time and apply analytics on top of it.

Braun said in a statement, “Chevron has a long history of applying advanced technologies to develop the energy that improves lives and powers the world. We also understand scale, and the cloud at hyperscale is something we intend to leverage for agility and efficiency,” adding that “Through this strategic partnership, we believe Chevron will have a competitive advantage.”

Jason Zander, corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure stated, “With Chevron and Microsoft, intelligent energy meets intelligent cloud,”.

He further added, “Our global cloud infrastructure – which has more regions around the world than any other cloud provider – will enable Chevron to leverage our capabilities across areas like high performance computing and Internet of Things to become a truly digital business.”

As per the recent financial reports by Microsoft, the company has a total total revenues of $24.5 billion. In the three buckets the company places revenues, its ‘intelligent cloud’ segment – focusing on Azure and server products – saw a 13% increase year on year to $6.9bn for the quarter while ‘productivity and business processes’, where Office 365 figures are based, went up 28% to $8.2bn.



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