Erik Brieva
Erik Brieva: Breaking New Ground with Continuous Innovation
Since 1962, the Cuban trade embargo has been in effect by the United States. While entrepreneurs are always embarked on a journey full of obstacles ...
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Boris Arciniegas
Boris Arciniegas: Leveraging Technology to make a Sustainable Change
Indeed, the world is in constant motion of progression. Supervene—the idea of coexistence has deserted. Though, the two schools of thought intersect at sustainable development. ...
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Toby Ruckert
Toby Ruckert: Helping People to Regain Control of their Digital lives
Human to Machine (H2M) communication is one of the most transformational developments in the Internet of Things- (IoT-) connected world. The advancements in technology and ...
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Marc Rippen
Marc Rippen: A Driven Entrepreneur Making a Difference in the Lives of Diabetics
The medical device and diagnostic industry are constantly growing and changing with new technologies being introduced to the market. A new era in medicine is ...
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Optimal Workshop
Andrew Mayfield: Putting People at the Heart of Decisions
How often do we come across a 12-year-old who is not only interested in business but also determined to be an entrepreneur? Andrew Mayfield, the ...
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