Chief Gene Saunders
Chief Gene Saunders: A Lifesaver and Boon rescuing the Needy
Aid and rescue operations are viewed as one of the foundational factors of disaster management. There is nothing more precious than the feeling to help ...
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Boris Arciniegas
Boris Arciniegas: Leveraging Technology to make a Sustainable Change
Indeed, the world is in constant motion of progression. Supervene—the idea of coexistence has deserted. Though, the two schools of thought intersect at sustainable development. ...
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Toby Ruckert
Toby Ruckert: Helping People to Regain Control of their Digital lives
Human to Machine (H2M) communication is one of the most transformational developments in the Internet of Things- (IoT-) connected world. The advancements in technology and ...
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Marc Rippen
Marc Rippen: A Driven Entrepreneur Making a Difference in the Lives of Diabetics
The medical device and diagnostic industry are constantly growing and changing with new technologies being introduced to the market. A new era in medicine is ...
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Yahoel Van Essen
Yahoel Van Essen: Enhancing Farming Experience Through A Perfect Blend Of Farming And Novel Technologies
The advancements in technology are proving highly rewarding for not just the urban culture but also the rural lifestyle. The involvement of robotics and autonomous ...
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