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The largest Caller ID service in the market with over 3 billion mobile and business numbers, CallApp is altering the mobility rules. It is transforming the mobile communication experience with Universal Caller ID & Communication ID, Smart Spam Filter and Call Blocking, High-Quality Call Recording, Enhanced Dialer, and Social Contact Book. CallApp is a mobile platform that combines data from over 70 different information sources, including social networks and communication apps into an easy-to-use App that enriches the communication experience. In simple terms, it allows any person to manage or record their calls for free with the highest quality.

CallApp is not just a Caller ID app, but a complete call management solution. It can truly replace your phone’s native dialer and contact book. The value that CallApp brings to the user alone separates itself from its industry contemporaries. Team CallApp is always looking and testing for new ways to increase the performance and user experience of CallApp. Every feature is fully tested and made sure to be of the highest quality. CallApp believes in “Anything less than perfect for our users is not ok for us.”

CallApp’s Mobility Offerings

The CallApp Platform connects each phone to its universal social contact book of over 3 billion phone numbers using algorithms to correctly identify people and businesses. The CallApp community defends each other by reporting spam calls, so these reported numbers are instantly blocked for other users.

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CallApp doesn’t stop here for its key features, it recently released the most advanced and highest quality Call Recorder on the market for free within its app. But what about all of those numbers from your messaging apps? CallApp has a solution for this called CallApp Plus. CallApp has created a way to recognize any number that goes through your messaging apps. Now you can put a name, profile, and context to those nameless numbers. Some other features CallApp has are comprehensive profiles for each user, advanced reminders, the ability to share contact details, fun birthday reminders, and much more.

Amit On, Founder & CEO of CallApp

Let’s just say, CallApp is not Amit On’s first rodeo. In the past, Amit has had senior management positions in successful startups,  including being the CTO & VP R&D at Amobee (acquired for $370M by Singtel) and the Senior Architect at Followap (Acquired for $140M by Neustar). Amit has also played a major role in many other startups. When he decided to create CallApp it was because of his own personal experience that every time he made or received a call there was a lot of information missing. He knew that all of this information was already publicly available and wanted to create a solution for people to see all of this information in one easy to use place. Amit used smart data to create proprietary algorithms which are now the backbone of CallApp.

When it comes to being a successful mobile service provider of the industry, it is a hard nut to crack! Amit says, “For starters, we have helped revolutionize the communication experience. If anything, we have helped further mobile technology and have established ourselves as a strong leader in the Industry. We see ourselves as pioneers in making mobile communication as it should be in this new era of innovation we currently live in. Here at CallApp, we started as just Caller ID, but have been able to tap in and greatly expand into the vast communication categories including contacts, spam blocking, call recording, social dialer, amongst others. Our dedicated team is endlessly working on ways to increase the UX and value for each user.”

Future Goal: Client Satisfaction

“We will define success once we have engraved in history that we are the ultimate call management solution for all your smartphone needs. We don’t want to be seen as the best Caller ID service, but as a company who has revolutionized and changed the way that people communicate with each other,” asserts Amit.

CallApp puts client satisfaction above everything. Other competitors in the field release full features at once just to be able to say they have certain capabilities. CallApp goes further than this. “When we release a feature, we do it in small increments. Slowly implementing a feature lets us give the clients what they actually want, not what we think they want. Our clients come first before anything.” CallApp has a dedicated team that handles customer support which includes handling email requests, responding to negative ratings, creating surveys, etc. Ever since it dove further into this area, CallApp has increased its Google Play app ratings by 80% and reduced negative feedback by 70%.

CallApp is currently the most liked Caller ID app in the world. The company greatly appreciates its over 35 million users and the community as a whole. Amit says, “We cherish their continuous support, without them, we would not be where we are today. When we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we see ourselves as just getting started. The amount of innovation, we are preparing to be released in the next upcoming quarters is going to be industry-changing. The communication industry has room for infinite growth and we see ourselves as a company who will pave the future of it.”

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