Moments of perception of military history that the Call of Duty game series will help you understand

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At the end of November, the new Modern Warfire 3 was released and during breaks from receiving Call of Duty boosting online, you can play previous formats and old versions that have vibrant gameplay and many historical theaters of war in Europe, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Call of Duty game series

United Offensive

This is the very first part of Call of Duty that saw the world after some of the Medal of Honor developers left the project and founded their own studio to produce an alternative project in the military shooter genre.

You will go through a military conflict for three separate soldiers with different fates and their roles.

You will play as Private Martin and land in Normandy and will liberate France and complete missions to destroy radio communications, capture and hold a village, break through defense lines and free important prisoners of war. You will also fight in Belgium to find and destroy ballistic missile launch sites.

You will also play as an SAS soldier, who, together with Captain Price, will destroy German anti-aircraft equipment to ensure the safety of Allied aviation.

As a soldier of the Soviet army, you will take part in the battles for Stalingrad, survive the tragic landing in which 90% of the soldiers who took part died, capture and hold Pavlov’s house – an important four-story building with views in all directions.

Finish your military journey by storming and capturing the Reichstag, the government building of Germany, and thereby end the Second World War.

Call of Duty 2


The first serious version, which significantly expanded the scope of combat operations and new battles, including those borrowed from cinema, with the important clarification that all actions are performed exclusively by you, and not by professional actors.

You will fight in Stalingrad during the most difficult and decisive winter period, when the Germans were finally surrounded and the army of Paulus was persuaded to capitulate, but until this moment you need to survive and defeat the German troops.

Company in Africa awaits you – the defense of Tunisia, the offensive in Egypt and the battle for El Alamein in the company of Captain Price, known to all fans of the Call of Duty series, who is present in literally every version of the project and even during boosting in Modern Warfire 3.

Complete the game campaign with the US Rangers landing in France on D-Day.

Almost completely recreated scenes from Saving Private Ryan await you, and you will walk along the beaches and trenches and clear the village in order to repel the biggest counterattack the next day and retreat to the very shores to hold it off with all your might until the arrival of aircraft and reinforcements.

You will end the war on German territory, pushing the Germans ever closer to the capital, Berlin.

World at War

One of the most unusual formats of the Second World War theme, as it allows players to feel all the emotions that the US Marines experienced as they stormed and defended the Pacific Islands to protect the Philippines and stormed Japanese Okinawa to attack and force the surrender of Japan, which attacked the US fleet at Pearl Harbor and unleashing a full-fledged war for the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to the Pacific front, you will also take part in the battles in Stalingrad as a sniper, who must conduct his operations among surviving comrades and fight on the Seelow Heights – the last serious frontier before the capital of Germany – Berlin, in order to then proceed to the assault on the city itself and plant the flag on the roof of the Reichstag to finally end the Great Patriotic War.

World at War 2

The developers from Activision for the first time approached the project and its plot component as seriously as the overall gameplay and cinematic perception of explosions and action on the verge of death, but now the bet is also placed on the storyline, so that the entire gameplay would be similar to the serious experiences that are found in cult films. Films like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Pacific Ocean and other films in which they reveal and make you empathize with each character.

You will go through the story as a platoon of troops, which will pass through the whole of Europe, revealing characters, remembering names and empathizing with all the heroes, including sergeants and commanders.

Modern Warfare

A modern-day company that invites players to try out modern weapons and equipment to simulate what a military conflict would look like if major countries were involved.

According to the game plot, terrorists are shaking up the political situation in Russia and provoking a series of military conflicts that will lead to direct confrontation after the Russian army attacks US territory and as a ranger, or operative of the Delta squad.

The company will be divided into several main characters – while the Rangers and Delta will be engaged in the destruction of the enemy army and their equipment, special forces and the combined special operations forces of Britain and the United States will conduct operations to disrupt the supply of weapons and search for the main characters responsible for starting the war and saving the daughter the president of Russia, who was kidnapped and the head of state is forced to make profitable decisions by terrorists in exchange for her life.

As part of the conflict, you will pass through key cities of the USA – Washington and New York and, having pushed the enemy from your lands, cross to Europe to liberate Germany and France and, in a series of operations using large forces and equipment, push the enemy back to their territory and end the war in your favor.

In the best traditions of Call of Duty, you will also have missions on tanks, in which you need to cover your infantry and break through the front, destroy enemy equipment and avoid aircraft, relying on the cover of infantry and soldiers with stingers.

The technique, by the way, will be available online, making the project more similar to Battlefield and making your MW 3 boosting more interesting and entertaining, especially on crowded servers with a large number of players.

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