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Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Blanket License for Internet Radio

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Internet radio has become increasingly popular, offering users access to a wide range of music and audio content. As more businesses enter the realm of streaming, ensuring proper licensing becomes vital for avoiding complications and optimizing the value of your internet radio platform. In this guest post, we will discuss tips to help you make the most out of your blanket license for Internet radio.

Understanding Blanket Licenses:

A blanket license for Internet radio is an agreement that grants broadcasters permission to play copyrighted music from artists and catalogs. By obtaining a blanket license, internet radio platforms are relieved from the burden of securing licenses from each artist or copyright holder they feature. Instead, they can acquire one license from music licensing organizations like performing rights organizations (PROs). This not only simplifies but also guarantees fair compensation for artists’ work while providing businesses with peace of mind.

Tip 1: Research Relevant Licensing Organizations:

To maximize the benefits derived from your blanket license, it is crucial to conduct research and gain a deep understanding of which licensing organizations apply specifically to your needs. In countries, PROs manage performance rights licenses that cover performances through digital transmissions. It’s worth noting that various PROs may have agreements with artists or labels. So, it’s important to find out which licensing organization(s) represent most or all of the creators whose work you want to use.

Tip 2: Study the Usage Patterns on Your Streaming Platform:

To make informed decisions about getting a blanket license for your internet radio platform, analyze its usage patterns. Collect data on listener demographics, preferred genres, and popular playlists or shows. This will give you insights into which artists’ works are frequently played on your platform. By understanding these metrics before obtaining a blanket license, you can ensure coverage for the genres and artists that are most popular among your listeners.

Tip 3: Negotiate the Best Deal for Your Business:

Remember, acquiring a blanket license doesn’t mean settling for a one-size-fits-all offer. Different licensing organizations have varying pricing structures and terms available. Once you’ve identified licensing organizations, engage in negotiations and discuss the needs and usage patterns of your internet radio platform. Use the audience insights from tip 2 to showcase the value of your platform to these organizations, potentially leading to deals tailored to your business requirements.

Even if you have a blanket license in place, it’s important to stay informed about any claims of copyright infringement against your internet radio platform. Sometimes certain artists may choose to withdraw their works from PRO agreements, establish licensing arrangements with preferred platforms, or withhold their music altogether. By staying aware of developments, you can promptly address any gaps in your curated content and minimize legal complications.

Tip 5: Cultivate Positive Relationships With Artists and Labels:

Developing relationships with artists and labels can further enhance the value of your blanket license. Reach out to them, specifically highlighting how their work aligns well with the demographics and preferences of your internet radio platform’s audience. While it may not always lead to partnerships or better licensing terms, fostering goodwill can create opportunities for collaboration in featuring releases or creating themed playlists/shows that benefit both parties.

Tip 6: Utilize Social Media Engagement to Showcase Value:

Make the most of social media platforms not only for interacting with listeners but also as a chance to showcase your licensed content options. Celebrate acquisitions or exclusive tracks while engaging followers through posts centered around those artists/genres covered by the blanket license.


By following these tips, you can navigate copyright concerns effectively, build connections within the industry, and leverage media to demonstrate the value of your Internet radio platform.

To sum up, obtaining a blanket license is a move for operating a thriving internet radio platform while ensuring compliance with artist copyrights. By conducting in-depth research, negotiating agreements, and establishing collaborations with artists and labels, businesses can optimize the benefits of their blanket license for Internet radio. It’s important to stay updated on evolving artist licensing choices and leverage social media platforms to showcase the range of music options available. Enjoy streaming!



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