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6 benefits of cycling for older people

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Seniors need to be physically active. As they age, being active becomes a great necessity. It allows them to stay healthy, independent, and mentally sane. Biking is one of the best ways to stay active and have fun. Yes, biking can be a perfect activity for seniors. If they have been cycling their whole life, there is no reason to stop unless their doctor says so or they have mobility or neurological issues. They can cycle near their home, in their backyard, or outside their home. They can also have someone look after them as they cycle. But biking is an exceptional activity for them. It is low-impact and helps you be healthy and fit. The benefits of bicycling are many. For instance, it can improve your cholesterol levels. It also improves your aerobic capacity. It helps lower your heart rate while improving your stamina. There are other benefits to cycling for seniors, which this blog discusses.

It is a low-stress and impact exercise.

Many seniors cannot perform high-impact workouts as they can lead to injury and other issues. Cycling is the opposite. It is a low-impact workout, and the body moves smoothly during cycling, so the stress on the body is low, too. It is better than jogging, a high-impact exercise that damages different body parts. Thus, you can cycle with ease without worrying about damaging your body.

Cycling is impeccable for boosting mental health.

Mental health, too, declines with age. Irrespective of never experiencing mental health issues, seniors can become suspects of multiple issues, like anxiety or depression, later. The chances of cognitive degeneration increase due to loneliness and boredom, leading to these health issues. When you cycle in the great outdoors, it helps seniors enjoy nature. They get a healthy vitamin D dose, fresh air, and even meet new people. All this is necessary for better mental health. Cycling in the morning exposes you to sunlight, the only natural source of vitamin D. It helps you reduce your stress levels, among other things. Just remember to wear protective gear and comfortable bicycle seats for seniors.

Cycling can help boost the immune system.

Your immune system can weaken as you age. It makes you an easy target for flus and bugs. The immune cells in the body are in the thymus organ. It declines after you reach 20 every year. It is quite small when you reach your 50s or 60s, and the immune system weakens. However, regular physical activity can help keep the T-cells active. Cycling also helps flush out any bacteria from the airways and lungs. Thus, reducing the chances of flu or cold weakens the immune system further. So, cycling is an ideal exercise to strengthen the immune system. It also prevents bacteria from growing in the body.

Cycles can reduce the chances of heart disease.

Even though cancer is on the rise, the leading cause of death is still heart attack, stroke, and other heart-related diseases. Cycling is a good exercise to prevent these diseases or reduce your chances of getting them. It happens because when you cycle, the capacity of your heart increases. The body requires more oxygen, which forces the heart to pump harder. It does so to keep the cells oxygenated and give you the energy you need to bicycle. Thus, it works your heart, and it becomes stronger. So, keep cycling and reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

It can reduce the risk of cancer.

One of the main reasons for cancer is obesity. In recent years, it has become the leading cause of cancer due to poor dietary habits and a lack of exercise. Seniors are at risk of developing cancer and should go for regular screening. Apart from diet, one way to reduce their chances of developing cancer is to correct their BMI. Cycling is one of the best ways to reduce weight and fat.

It helps strengthen the joints and protect them.

As you age, you develop problems with your joints. They become weak; joint paints become regular and susceptible to breakage. Arthritis or previous injuries can be the cause of joint pain. It causes a limited range of motion. It can affect coordination, balance, and the ability to perform simple tasks. Thus, performing activities that allow you to strengthen the joints without putting pressure on them is good. Cycling is one such exercise because it is low-impact. So it does not injure your joints while strengthening them.

If you cycled when you were young, do not stop. Whether in your 50s or 60s, continue cycling, and it will slow down aging. It means the diseases of aging will reduce, and stamina will increase. The other benefits, like having an active social life and reducing cardiovascular diseases, are also there. So, keep cycling to stay fit.

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