Beijing subway intents to install bio-recognition technology

Beijing subway intents to install bio-recognition technology

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Beijing, a megacity known to be rich in history, is planning to introduce bio-recognition technology in the city. The system is said to include palm scanners and facial recognition cameras that will accelerate the flow of passenger through subway stations during the busiest times.

The facial recognition technology is a fast and convenient method which helps in recognizing people’s faces, by allowing them to bypass the traditional form of ticketing while the palm scanners allow people to swipe their hands in order to gain entry at the ticketing turnstiles.

“The technique aims to reduce transit time when passengers enter the station,” said Wang Jianwei, director of the railway business department at tech giant Huawei.

In the past reports, it is said that around 15 lines that were operated by Beijing Subway, had taken more than 3 million trips of the people while lifting it up by 6.8% yearly.

The subway train of Beijing carries more than 10 million passengers on a daily basis. It has 22 urban railway lines that totals up to 608 kilometers.

There are around 96 subway stations in Beijing and on top of that almost one-fourth of the total has implemented the measures, helping in limiting the passengers during the peak hours said Liu Xiaoming, Vice-Minister of transport.

He further added saying, “Some stations had to adopt the measures to reduce the heavy passenger flow because the station area is too small and transfers are difficult. Especially during morning and evening peak hours, long lines form at the station entrances.”



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