3 Tips to Become More Productive

3 Tips to Become More Productive

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Whether you’re a student juggling multiple classes or a working professional constantly trying to chase deadlines, it seems like the hustle of work never really stops. Instead of allowing the crippling workload to weigh you down and ultimately defeat you, a good way to make sure that you balance everything is by becoming more organized and productive.

Everyone has their own well-kept secrets to how they manage to stay on top of everything despite how impossible it all seems, and it is important to know yourself enough to know what will and will not work for you. However, there are some tips and tricks that generally help everyone get started on the right path, so here are a few things that you can try out.

Write Everything Down

When you’re looking to become much more organized in your life, a good place to start is to make sure that you write everything down. That includes deadlines discussed no matter how far off they may seem, requirements and details about projects and tasks, and just things that you need to remember down the road.

One of the biggest lies that everyone has told themselves at least once is that they can remember an important piece of information without taking it down, but that ultimately leads to failure, especially when other things come rolling into the mix. By writing every important thing down in a neat manner, you’re not only able to better see everything that you have to do, but you’re also able to plan and arrange everything to help you achieve each task more efficiently.

How you write things down is ultimately up to you. Some people like to take things down on their phones, while others just take random sticky notes and casually take things down throughout the day. A very popular way to do this is to have a dedicated organizer or planner that you have with you at all times.

Having a planner like Forzeit is great because it can essentially be your productivity companion if you allow it to be. A planner usually comes with a calendar layout that will help you arrange your tasks and responsibilities and see which ones need more attention and focus, while also having enough space at the side for any notes that will help you achieve your goals better.

Have a Dedicated Work Area

With the work from home setup proving that productivity can happen anywhere, most schools and workplaces have adopted a hybrid setup to still allow people the flexibility of being able to work from the comfort of their own homes, but the major problem that arises from this is that some individuals have a hard time concentrating when not in the traditional workspace.

A good way to remedy this situation is by creating a designated workspace in your home that is conducive to productivity. That means removing all distractions from the area and cleaning away anything that you know won’t be helping you focus on your daily responsibilities. While a clean workspace always helps improve focus, there are some things that you can add to help you concentrate.

A desk lamp might seem antiquated when everything happens online, but it can still benefit you, especially if you find yourself working until the sun sets. Many desk lamps today come with different brightness and warmth settings that can help with any eye strain that you can develop when working in front of a bright monitor for the whole day. The light of a desk lamp will help balance out the light coming from your laptop, as well as help your eyes adjust better.

And if you find yourself to be someone who prefers taking physical rather than digital notes, you can make sure to have a few pens and sheets of paper on your desk that you can easily reach for whenever you need to. These don’t have to just be haphazardly laid out across your desk because there are also some organizers that can keep these neat and out of the way. 

And for those of you who find your wrists straining from using your laptops all day, maybe getting a wireless mouse and keyboard can help with that. A wireless mouse makes navigating the cursor across your screen much easier, while a wireless keyboard allows you to move the keyboard around for more comfortable typing. Getting a laptop stand will also help alleviate any neck strain that you might be feeling after looking down at your screen for too long.

Try to Workout More Regularly

As irrelevant as it may sound, studies have shown that regular exercise helps boost brain function and focus throughout the day, along with energy and mood levels. These are all things that can help you become more productive overtime, so it’s definitely something worth looking into.

You don’t really need an expensive gym membership to get started because a simple yoga mat can be all you need. There are a lot of online workout videos to be found on the internet, so you just have to find the ones that interest you. A lot of these workouts can be done with just a yoga mat like yoga, pilates, or even something as simple as stretching.

The point is to get your blood pumping and reap the cognitive benefits of a regular sweat session. If you’re looking for some more motivation, maybe all you need is a new workout outfit to help you feel more excited. 

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