Avslutte Strømavtale – Reasons Norwegians Terminate Power Agreement

Avslutte Strømavtale – Reasons Norwegians Terminate Power Agreement

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One good thing about the Norwegian power sector is that it is competition-driven. A competitive market is usually in the best interest of the end consumers. This is given how various producers, distributors, and marketers try to win the patronage and loyalty of consumers. Usually, this is done by offering enticing deals and incentives.

Operating a competitive market within the power sector is one of the several things that third-world nations like Nigeria are learning from the situation in Norway. Little wonder Nigeria has collaborated with this Nordic nation for an improved power sector.

One of the implications of having a competitive market is that consumers can switch sides. As a result, consumers in the Norwegian power industry are not obligated to remain with an electricity provider. This ability to terminate this agreement is summarized here: bestestrøm.no/slik-avslutter-du-strømavtalen/ for easy assimilation.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the possible reasons Norwegian residents may choose to switch to the services of another electricity provider. So, keep reading to find out.

Possible Reasons Why Norwegians Terminate Power Agreement


There are several reasons why Norwegians terminate power agreements. Some of these reasons include:

  • Relocation
  • Change in Power Consumption
  • Dissatisfaction with Electricity Provider
  • Better Offers by Alternative Electricity Providers
  • Unfavorable Terms and Conditions

We have observed various reasons why Norwegians decide to terminate their agreement with electricity providers. Most of their reasons have been listed above and we’ll discuss each of these reasons in detail in this section for a better understanding. You may also want to see possible reasons from a strictly legal point here.



These electricity companies do not always have operations in every part of the country. For instance, some companies may be dominant players in the northern region but lack a strong presence in the southern parts.

Additionally, an electricity provider can have better plans for one part of the country than others. So, relocation to a different part is one of the reasons a lot of people terminate their agreement with their existing power company.

Change in Power Consumption

Changes in power consumption can necessitate changing your electricity provider. You may require the services of one that is better suited to meet your changing needs.

This is whether you are downsizing or upsizing. For example, a massive upgrade of your home appliances to energy-efficient ones can make continued operations with your current electricity provider unwise.

So, this change can compel you to terminate your current agreement and switch to another electricity provider. Other reasons for a change in power consumption that could necessitate this decision include seasonal variation and even change in your business operations.

Dissatisfaction with Electricity Provider

It should be noted that some consumers terminate power agreements for unreasonable reasons. However, dissatisfaction with the services of one’s electricity provider is a valid reason for doing this. Several factors can contribute to this dissatisfaction and they include the following:

Poor Customer Support

Consumers are supposed to have quick access to electricity providers when they need to make complaints or seek clarifications. Also, the support team is supposed to be very responsive and helpful.

Sadly, not every company does well in this regard. Some do not attend to the needs of their clients on time or do enough to help. So, bad customer support is a good enough reason to terminate this agreement and switch sides.

Service Disruptions and Outages

Offering an uninterrupted power supply is one of the main reasons for subscribing to the services of an electricity provider. A company that subjects its clients to frequent power disruptions and outages is not good enough. This is given how these interruptions and outages disrupt business operations, daily routines, and life at large.

It is even worse if these interruptions are not quickly and properly communicated to clients. So, it is understandable when clients subjected to frequent service interruptions and outages decide to terminate their power agreement and switch sides.

Discrepancies in Pricing

A good company that offers this service is supposed to be transparent. Having a clearly defined pricing structure is one of the ways to be transparent. Even changes to the existing pricing structure should be quickly and properly communicated to consumers.

Sadly, some electricity providers are not transparent enough with their pricing structure. Some of them deliberately act this way to introduce hidden fees and bill consumers inaccurately. The decision to terminate a power agreement with such a company is understandable.

Outdated Technology and Lack of Innovation

Some electricity providers are lagging in terms of being innovative. They still use outdated technology and this is not in the best interest of their customers. This could be in the inability to offer smart metering or even enable online management of customer accounts. Customers of such electricity providers can terminate their agreement for this reason.

Noncompliance with the Contractual Agreement

The contract between customers and their electricity company is the blueprint that guides the activities of the power company and states the obligations of consumers. However, some companies violate the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. This act compromises customer’s trust and proves that they are lacking in integrity.

Better Offers by Alternative Electricity Providers

The Norwegian power industry is not a monopolistic but a competitive market as mentioned early on. This implies that there are several players involved. As a result, they are constantly trying to win the patronage and loyalty of consumers in this sector.

One of the common ways this is done is by offering fair deals to consumers. The motive is usually to offer deals that are better than what is offered by competitors. A consumer may be driven by the need to get better offers from alternative electricity providers, leading to the decision to terminate the current power agreement.

However, consumers should not only be swayed by the juicy offers. They need to check everything before making this decision. For example, they may be tied down to the new agreement by unfavorable terms and conditions. For instance, this could be a hefty termination penalty.

So, you should go through all the details in the new agreement before making this decision. Speaking of unfavorable contract terms and conditions, let us discuss more about that in the next point.

Unfavorable Terms and Conditions

Some electricity providers are well known for introducing terms and conditions that are not in their consumer’s best interest. As a result, consumers have very little or no choice but to switch sides. There are several ways these service providers introduce unfavorable contract terms and conditions and they include through:

Hefty Termination Penalty

A termination penalty makes it hard for consumers to terminate a power agreement. This is even when they are not satisfied with the operations of their power company. The obligation to pay a penalty fee for early termination is the reason for this. It even becomes harder when the penalty fee is hefty.

Some electricity providers are known to operate this way. Some are even cunning enough to lure people with mouthwatering offers. This is why you should carefully go through contract agreements as mentioned early on.

Lengthy Lock-in

This is another tactic used to tie down clients. The lock-in period implies that clients are supposed to continue using a particular plan by the service provider for an agreed amount of time.

The time frame can be quite lengthy as it can span several years. It can be frustrating if this plan is not, or is no longer suitable for the client.

Automatic Renewal

Some companies in the power sector deliberately insert a clause allowing them to automatically renew client’s contracts after the expiration date. So, ending the contract, which may be unfavorable, will require clients actively and quickly taking the required termination steps.

Inadequate or Undefined Dispute Resolution

We cannot overemphasize the importance of the power agreement. It is the blueprint guiding the activities of the power company and stating your obligations as a consumer. As a result, you should ensure that some things are not left out or inserted.

A lot of unfavorable agreements are deliberately designed to offer little or no aid during disputes between clients and the electricity provider. This is either because what should be done in such situations is not clearly defined. It could also be that the detailed measures are inadequate.

Limited Flexibility

Some electricity providers have their agreements designed in such a way that existing clients cannot take advantage of better deals by the same company. This is because of clauses that make the agreed plan too rigid for such. So, ensure that you are not hooked on a rigid plan.

Unclear Pricing

Do not agree to a power agreement if you are uncertain about how the pricing structure works. This is to avoid being obligated to pay hidden fees that increase electricity costs.



There is a proper way to terminate a power agreement with your electricity provider. This is even if the agreement has a binding time frame. 

Relocation, change in power consumption, dissatisfaction with electricity providers, better offers by alternative electricity providers, and unfavorable terms and conditions are some of the reasons Norwegians terminate their power agreements. All these are valid reasons for making this decision. However, it is crucial that your new electricity provider has better to offer and that the switch is properly done.

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