Avoriaz for your Winter Holidays

4 Reasons Why You Should Go to Avoriaz for your Winter Holidays

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It is never too early to start planning for your next holiday. If you do not have a particular place that you are dying to visit, it might take a bit long to choose the perfect holiday destination and by then you might have lost all the good deals. Or even worse, all the accommodation facilities may be full.

In this article, we will save you from this trouble by telling you about the best winter destination of all time, the one and only Avoriaz. Here are the reasons why we love this ski resort so much.

Reason 1: A snow-sure resort

When you go to a ski resort, you expect to see snow. This is important regardless of whether you hit the slopes or just admire the wintery landscape. If it has not snowed, ski resort owners will resort to artificial snow by using snowmaking machines. Although this is an extremely useful technology that keeps ski resorts open and visitors happy, nothing compares to natural snow. In Avoriaz, you will not have to worry about the lack of natural snow because it is high in the Alps and it is one of the snowiest resorts in France.

Reason 2: Coolest accommodation

You should definitely stay at a chalet, an apartment. or a room at any of the accommodation units in the resort because the architecture of the place is unique. The resort has won awards for its splendid architecture. More specifically, all the buildings are designed and constructed in such a way that they become part of the nature around them. The most characteristic example is that the front of buildings is covered by shingles of red cedarwood and they are left unvarnished so that they can take a natural tree bark colour as time goes by. The interior of the homes follows this philosophy of combining elements of nature and modern architecture. You should check what each accommodation option has to offer on Erna Low and book the one that matches your needs and preferences while you take advantage of the special offers and discounts.

Reason 3: An environmentally friendly resort

One more reason why the Avoriaz ski resort stands out is its eco-friendly policies. Besides the spectacularly looking architecture, all the buildings are constructed in the most sustainably effective way. For example, all the accommodation units face south because they are the most exposed to the sun this way, and they are also insulated. One more significant point is that no cars or other vehicles are allowed in the resort, making it a safe environment for both the planet and visitors of all ages.

Reason 4: It’s impossible to get bored there

The resort offers so many outdoor and indoor activities that visitors will have a hard time choosing what they should do first. From typical snow-related activities like snowshoeing and sledding to more extreme options like ice diving, ski joëring, and paragliding, to unrelated to ski pastimes, such as films, games and workouts, you won’t want this holiday to end.

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