Amper Music Launches

Amper Music Launches First AI Music Composition Platform

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Content Creators can create customized music in seconds

Amper Music, the leader in artificial intelligence music creation announced the launch of Amper Score™, the world’s first end-to-end AI music composition platform for enterprise content creators.

Using the Amper Score™ platform, content teams can create and edit music to accompany videos, podcasts, and many other types of content. Score’s workflow allows users to upload videos, spot key moments in project timelines, and render original compositions in real time in dozens of different musical styles. Music created using Amper Score™ is royalty-free and comes with a global, perpetual license for subscribers when synced to content. With Score’s fine-grained control, video editors, who typically work with stock music libraries, have reported greater than 90% time savings in sourcing and editing music for their projects.

Businesses can also integrate Amper’s API into their own creative tools, distribution platforms, and other applications where music is created or consumed. Amper is excited to announce its API launch partner, QQ Music of Tencent Music Entertainment Group.

AI built music system

Amper’s patented AI is built from the ground up and utilizes a massive dataset created by an internal team of composer-developers. Rather than employing a “black box” approach that limits contextual awareness and the ability for Score to collaborate with its users, Amper’s data team describes every facet of music, including genre, mood, and instrumentation. Amper’s technology draws on these foundations to generate fully editable, bespoke music that users can tailor virtually instantaneously.

Drew Silverstein, CEO of Amper Music, Inc. stated, “The decision to partner with QQ Music was a no-brainer. They are at the very forefront of the music, media, and entertainment markets and their staggering reach will bring our AI Composer technology to millions of new users. QQ Music is one step ahead—they clearly understand that diversity and efficiency are the future of content, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with such a forward-thinking company within the digital music space.”



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