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Amazon laying off Corporate Employees across the Globe

Amazon laying off Corporate Employees across the Globe

Amazon is taking a scarce step of laying off hundreds of corporate employees and retail employees as it is investing in hiring elsewhere.

Amazon, a company with a wide range of growing business that prides itself on its achievement, but layoff is a rare situation.

Many employees said that, in the last two years, the company has got a rapid growth. It leads to over staffing in many places as they are hiring in bulk, but as of now they have decided to freeze hiring in recent month.

The company has also recently passed an order that managers who oversee other supervisors must have at least four people reporting to them. The aim of the company is to reduce layers of management by lying off and keep the company flexible and fast-moving.

Lay off will not hamper the employee who are performing well in their job, but it will affect the employees who are not performing up to the mark of the company.

Amazon stated that progress doesn’t mean that there is maximum head count but it defines the recognize talent.

Targeting Cloud Computing Section

CEO Jeff Bezos said that Amazon product Alexa was a far exceeding success in globe.

This is motivating the company to cut jobs from e-retailers and different sections of the Amazon and hire for the fastest growing business section like Amazon web series and Alexa. They are also targeting the cloud-computing section as today’s generation is of cloud computing.