Ajay Kumar: A Technophile with an Innate Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ajay Kumar

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Today, we live in a technological age and global economy where the competition has become knowledge-based. Technological innovations have taken the centre stage in modern theories of growth and development. Driven by omnipresent cloud services, accessible, low-cost open-source software, and big data analytics capabilities, there has been an ongoing explosion in entrepreneurial activities in recent years. As a result, the number of technology-based startups has increased exponentially in recent times.

Addressing the contribution of technology in entrepreneurship, Ajay Kumar (Co-founder and CEO at AppVenturez) says, “Innovative technologies have always inspired me to become a tech geek.”

Ajay ventured into the world of technology in 2000. During his graduation and completion of projects, he gained immense knowledge about web designing and development. Hired by GFTL as a software engineer, he got transparency in professionalism while playing the role of a skilled developer. Since then, he never looked back and kept on advancing in the industry.

Comprehensive Technology Solutions

Ajay co-founded AppVenturez in 2018 with a mission to bridge the gap between ideas and reality with transformative, compelling, and innovative mobile app development. In two years since its inception, the company has witnessed steep growth. Starting with app and web development in the beginning, AppVenturez merged more technologies as the teams started getting bigger.

The company presently offers a full range of tech stacks for building futuristic solutions on the Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Chatbots, etc. It also provides managed services such as Microsoft Dynamics, Strategy and Planning, User Experience Development, and Power Apps.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

Ajay has been one of the cornerstones of the company’s success over the past two years. He is leveraging his extensive prior experience in the IT industry to lead the company towards success. As the founder of AppVenturez, he oversees several duties and responsibilities that need to be managed consistently. Being at the helm of the company, he ensures flexible management according to organizational hierarchy.

Additionally, Ajay is responsible for establishing the company’s vision by ensuring its uniqueness and worthiness to potential customers. He tracks the progress of his teams and confirms consistency in the organizational structure. Moreover, being the leader of every individual of the company, Ajay aims for the betterment of their performance as well as productivity. To meet this, he makes sure that his teams are always motivated and inspired by their work and the company’s progress.

Crossing the Hurdles

Alike every successful entrepreneur, Ajay had his share of challenges to cope with. “The life of an entrepreneur is not easy. And when you want to build a successful business, you need to be calm and focused on your goals,” he asserts. Ajay started AppVenturez with mere 5-6 people specializing in mobile app development as well as client management. As the company grew year by year, roles were defined for every individual.

During this period, the major challenges Ajay and his team faced were raising the funds and bringing more clients to enlarge the business. However, he believes that these challenges made him and his team stronger—as they saw the challenges as opportunities. “Since then, we have continued this journey and now we have reached among the top 20 mobile app development companies across the globe,” he continues.

Approach to the New Normal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 turned out to be a catastrophic year for many businesses. The impositions such as social distancing and lockdowns posed numerous challenges and disrupted how businesses operated before. The biggest challenge AppVenturez encountered amid the pandemic was to maintain the productivity and performance of the employees. As the lockdown period was extended, the company had to cope with the situation.

The pandemic accelerated the shift towards remote working due to the lockdowns. This transition to remote working was difficult for some companies, while some companies adapted to the transition swiftly to thrive through the crisis. AppVenturez too was quick to adjust to the new style of working and assured its employees to stay connected with online communication apps such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Additionally, many businesses had to halt their operations either completely or partially due to the pandemic. As businesses ran out of funds, it resulted in layoffs and disappointments for numerous working professionals. AppVenturez, however, remained resilient during the crisis and made a firm decision to hire skilled professionals to strengthen the teams. The company hired 50 developers from different locations, both freshers and experienced. “We helped businesses to raise with our mobile app solutions and made their way to overcome the challenges of the pandemic,” adds Ajay.

Opportunities to Grow

AppVenturez hired more than 100 skilled professionals overall and the process continued post-lockdown as well. Ajay mentions that 2020 was unpredictable. There were only disappointments across the globe and no government, enterprise, or any leading business could ever have anticipated this situation. However, he believes—Creativity has its own path of discovery.

In 2021, AppVenturez got more than 50 projects along with appreciation from the previous clients. Ajay aims to expand the company’s reach for more innovative assignments from different regions of the works. With a steep rise in investment along with revenue, he anticipates a big opportunity to grow the network and reach more business partners.

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