The Top 10 Perseverant Entrepreneurs 2021

Challenges, roadblocks, and recurring failures moving forward despite all this makes you a perseverant leader. Setting a perfect example of a perseverant leader we have Joe Sernio, the Founder and CEO of Shoreline Media Marketing. His journey covers failures, mistakes wrong roads, and the ultimate win. At the age of 20, Joe’s dad passed away on his 45th birthday. Being close to his father, he sure was devastated.
Nick Bell
Nick Bell: A Revolutionary Digital Marketing Entrepreneur
“As a society, we value saving time and convenience. If ...
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Tiago Franco
Tiago Franco: A Tech-Geek improving Peoples’ Lives
Being an exceptional leader is more than getting the job ...
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Nova Halavins
Nova Halavins: A Tenacious Leader Helping People Educate, Connect, and Heal
Since the advent of social networking sites in the early ...
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Jay Giraud
Jay Giraud: A Trailblazer Redefining Mobility with Disruptive Solutions
Today’s leaders face incredible challenges and seemingly invincible obstacles day ...
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PATIO Interactive
How Charles Bern and Alex Snider made PATIO Interactive Antifragile
In today’s increasingly competitive business environment—the intensity of which has ...
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Max Emma
Embracing Independence: The Journey of Max Emma
Today, bookkeeping is an important function for almost every business ...
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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar: A Technophile with an Innate Entrepreneurial Spirit
Today, we live in a technological age and global economy ...
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Sustainable Workplace

Sustainable Workplace
A Fresh Start For Organizations To Create Sustainable Workplace
Presently, Coronavirus has claimed the lives of many people globally ...
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Tips for Thriving Business

company culture
Want A Thriving Business? Focus On these 5 Company Culture!
Company culture is a popular buzzword across all industries and ...
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