Best AI Marketing Tools in 2023

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Nowadays, AI marketing tools are important element of any digital marketing campaign. They automate the most time-consuming and tedious tasks and give you competitive edge over your competitors. In this article, we asked different business owners about the AI marketing tools they are using in their marketing efforts.

ChatGPT has become one of the most popular AI marketing tools. That is because marketers can submit absolutely any sort of detail and get the prompts that they desire. Sometimes, it’s super difficult to understand the client’s brief. But giving results is now possible because of ChatGPT’s support. 

It doesn’t even matter how complicated the brief is. Marketers get to see multiple versions of the brief. That gives them a fair idea of what else they should do to satisfy their clients. ChatGPT gives marketers a solid foundation to build upon. The results are so great that clients continue to do business with marketers. 

Alex Williams, Findthisbest

The AI tool we’re using at our company for marketing is ManyChat. It’s an AI chatbot that has helped us improve our sales and marketing processes. Our customers can have more detailed conversations with our brand. And we can collect more information about them. ManyChat doesn’t require any coding, and anyone can set it up in a few minutes. Our communication lines have improved, and we’re all for it. 

Brian Hardesty, OnDisplaySigns

If there’s one tool that has become a part of our marketing arsenal in 2023, it’s Grammarly. This AI-driven tool has helped us refine the content of our emails, blogs and product descriptions. To meet publishing standards, this tool has been of incredible help. By ensuring grammatical accuracy in our content, we have been able to maintain a high quality of written content. This has translated into a greater level of user engagement. Before Grammarly, we had to avail the services of freelance writers. This was proving to be both expensive and time-consuming. As a result, we decided to employ this AI tool to make our workflow more efficient.  

Simon Brisk, Click Intelligence

AI has taken the entire world by storm. So it’s only natural that it will become an integral part of workflow systems. is a superb tool that has helped many departments improve their workflow in 2023. There are certain tasks in every company that are repeated. However, employees might make errors or get drained if they perform repetitive tasks daily. 

But helps sales and marketing teams do repetitive tasks with a new flair. All they have to do is submit the details of the content they want to create. They’ll also have to decide on a particular tone for their content. will provide them with different versions of the same content. This way, workflow becomes more efficient. Plus, employees are better equipped to perform repetitive tasks. 

Jessica Shee, iBoysoft

In 2023, the must-have AI marketing tool will be Anyword. It is a content generating tool. It helps you generate content, from titles to complete articles. You can easily create the copy you want by writing in the topic on the app. It conducts analysis and provides insights on what content type is best suitable for what platform. 

This tool is best for marketing on social media. It is very useful for generating captions for Facebook and Instagram. It also helps in writing YouTube descriptions. It also saves time by generating effective copy for advertisements that you post online. 

This was done before by hiring more people and brainstorming trying to come up with the right captions. Researching was done online on what people are looking for and then captions were made around it. 

Jessica Kats, Soxy

I needed something to ramp up my search engine ranking, so I started using the INK AI marketing tool. I chose this AI tool to improve my SEO and content writing. Since I have a small real estate business that needs an extra dose of effective SEO, INK has been helpful yet valuable. Its SEO feature enables you to write content in compliance with Google requirements to attract organic traffic. I write details of my new product in the prompt, and it suggests suitable low-competition keywords. It analyzes the content and offers suggestions. It also integrates with WordPress, so you don’t need to use it separately. Overall, it’s a great AI marketing tool with some main features like image and copy optimization.

Eli Pasternak, Liberty House Buying Group

One of the best AI tools to use for marketing is Flick. It’s a social media assistant that helps with content creation. It’s an AI writing tool that is specifically built for social media content. We’ve been using this for a while, and it has been really helpful. We generate all our captions from Flick. It can also convert large pieces of content into shorter versions for social media. Flick has helped us save a lot of time that was spent on writing captions. We’re posting more content every day, and our workflow is smoother now. 

David Morneau, Breeeze

Last words

Remember, you don’t need to implement all the AI tools available. Choose the tools that influence your work and bring ultimate benefits for your business.

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