IoT Solutions Set to Take Skies after Agreement between Vodafone Ireland and Taoglas

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The deal will help Vodafone to improve connectivity

The top next-gen IoT solution provider Taoglas informed the press at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles that it has reached an agreement with Vodafone. The cellular service provider has chosen Taoglas Edge for its industrial-grade hardware and firmware connectivity needs it will help Vodafone to develop platforms that will be used to improve connectivity.

These platforms will serve several purposes in different sectors like agriculture, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and utility. The organizations are seeking solutions to implement new IoT capabilities to their business. The combination of Taoglas Edge and Vodafone’s Invent will provide immediate connectivity to IoT solutions.

The company will be able to design, develop, test and implement a variety of bespoke applications that will be economical and will be used for short and long-range hardware and firmware solutions. This new business deal will put advanced data analytics and sensors and combined with Vodafone’s IoT managed connectivity, which will crank up the peace and adaptability of the international IoT SIM backed by industry-grade security.

The IoT solutions will improve the marketability of the client’s platform

The new partnership will help the clients to market their applications on time. The business success depends upon how well an organization adopts and implements the IoT for better decision making. Dermot O’Shea, Co-CEO of Taoglas, said, “A connectivity revolution is taking place and gaining more steam as companies like Vodafone roll out high-speed 5G network worldwide. We have seen significant interest in IoT applications development around industrial appliances, medical devices, smart grid, smart farming and animal health, asset tracking, predictive maintenance and more.

The integration of Vodafone’s suits with Taoglas Edge will enable global connectivity. The deal has the capability to form next-gen IoT solutions that will customize according to the business, provide security help management through the interconnected network.



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