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The Advantages of Application Managed Services

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Sure, you might be able to get your Workday system up and running with minimal help, although some assistance is surely needed. However, if it’s your goal to get all you can out of your ERP software so that your return on investment is optimized, you need a consultant to manage your Workday tenants. 

Here are some of the advantages of application managed services (AMS).

The Issue

Before you invest in Workday, you’ll see a bunch of sweet videos showing just how the system works. Well, isn’t that how you expect the software to perform — all the time — now that you have it? Of course, you do. That’s why simply deploying Workday is not enough; you’ll need help getting through those early bumps, and then with avoiding delays that could idle your investment interminably. That help is called application managed services, a market which could reach $87.6 billion by 2025.

Why Application Managed Services Are Needed

Apps are everywhere. We now use them to communicate, work and get information. They are also central to how the financial services industry and others are handling operations. Still, as applications have become more complex and sophisticated, they are regularly beset by security and bug issues. Such issues may not be speedily resolved due to an already overwhelmed IT staff, which could put your whole enterprise at risk. At best, operating budgets can be strained and IT resources unnecessarily exhausted. 

This is where an AMS makes good business sense. 

About Application Management Services

Following a software launch, application managed services offer ongoing support to businesses of every size by a provider that specializes in monitoring and maintenance. The provider – Mercer comes to mind – will handle all the bug fixes and other issues, freeing you to focus more on your organization’s bottom line. In addition, your internal IT team can concentrate on pushing forward rather than regularly attending to issues. All this adds up to increased organizational efficiency as well as user satisfaction.

What Mercer AMS Can Offer

We’re focusing on this consultant because it knows the ins-and-outs of Workday and how to optimize it on an ongoing basis. Hey, the company does have a 92% customer satisfaction rating.

For example, to save your team substantial time and effort, Mercer will conduct your Workday releases AND huddle with your team to come up with the best and latest features to implement annually with R1 and R2.

Also, during your open enrollment time, each employee – from hourly to leadership — will be in Workday. Mercer offers support during this key juncture to allow for easy data capture and ideal user interface.

Mercer also handles year-end reporting, which necessitates swift reporting, good data … and lots of time. 

What Sets Mercer Apart?

For one thing, since it doesn’t handle ERP launches, Mercer’s app team works solely on post-Workday deployment support. Remember, Mercer’s specialists have years of Workday experience.

Mercer also offers customer success managers whose job it is to swiftly respond to issues and inquiries and helps with road maps and new functionality strategizing.

You also get to choose from four levels of support so that your needs are met at a price you can afford. What’s more, interactive support is available through multiple channels including virtual meetings, the web, phone, or email.

Now that you know the advantages of application managed services, you can enlist a consultant such as Mercer to relieve the internal burden of worrying about system maintenance and repair, allowing your company to focus on what it does best. Just be sure to pick a partner that has deep expertise with Workday, and you should be good to go.

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