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5 Facts About Fashion Psychology

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Style is usually an expression or expression of one’s personality. People do things every day based on certain beliefs or influences. What you may not understand is that there’s normally a reason behind anything you do. This is where fashion psychology comes in.

Fashion psychology generally affects how we see ourselves and others. Yes, the dress you wear every Monday morning or on a Sunday tells a lot about you. In most cases, you may not even be aware of why you have put on a particular dress or shirt.

Here are 5 facts about the psychology of fashion:

  1. Blues and reds are not just patriotic

For quite a long time, it never mattered the kind of attire lawmakers put on because they were rarely seen by the public. But things changed when color television became commonplace and legislators started making frequent appearances on various TV channels. This is when experts noticed that their dressing code had an effect on viewers. Hues of blue and red lead to opposite reactions, blue conveys peace while red symbolizes authority.

During those days, politicians or opinion experts who wanted to appear diplomatic wore these colors. In case you don’t want to appear more aggressive, you would go for muted shades. But most politicians usually choose reds and blues for some reason.

  1. Neutral is great for job interviews

Dressing for an interview is something that many people take seriously. Sometimes you may not know how exactly to dress or which colors to wear. In situations where you are not sure, the best thing is to go for traditional colors such as brown, black or blue. These shades are usually preferred by employers and are acceptable for interviews.

  1. Stripes create illusions

Stripes offer a subtle design that is perfect for every occasion. Renowned scientist Herman von Helmholtz in the 19th century found out that lines create particular illusions – whether they are vertical or horizontal. However, you should always consider the occasion before opting for a striped shirt or dress.

  1. Colors have an impact on sports performance

This fact is true for sports lovers as well as those who exercise more frequently. Research shows that the red colors increase the rate of performance for certain activities. In addition, athletes who put on black attires while playing have more chances of being penalized or getting negative attention. Regardless of the kind of sport you are involved in, it is good to consider the attire to wear during exercise or playing.

  1. Heels enhance the attractiveness

Most women love putting on heels simply because they make them taller. But studies have shown that heels also increase the attractiveness of women. There are men who love women who are a bit taller but most men admire the effects that are brought by heels on a woman’s back and legs. Today, a lot of women prefer wearing waterproof sneakers women, casual shoes, and the best shoes for standing all day that go well with their fashion accessories and clothing, apart from adding to their sporty and funky look, while at parties and public gatherings. Here, one can select shoes from brands like ‘Loom Footwear’ that offer a full range of athletic shoes and lightweight flexible shoes in a breathable knit material.

Bottom line

Fashion psychology plays a big role in the lives of many people in a way that most of them do not even notice. Although you may not realize it, the color of your favorite dress or shirt tells a lot about you. If you’re interested in fashion psychology, you can always check out places like for more information.

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