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The essence of a great organization lies in maintaining integrity and honesty”, says Jeyash Puthuparambil, CEO of Zerone Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Jeyash believes that for an organization to taste success, it needs to embrace agility and self-learning. In his words, “an organization has to have a bias towards action over planning; and should encourage iterative software development with frequent user feedback to produce the best results.” He also remarks that in the fast-changing world, only self-learning organizations will have a definite edge over their competitors.

In his career spanning over 25 years, Jeyash has worked across many organizations, from tiny startups to tech giants like IBM, both in India and abroad. After completing his ten-year stint in the UK, Jeyash returned to India in 2003. Zerone Consulting was established in the same year. The CEO points out that the inspiration behind launching Zerone was his wish to come back to his homeland. Jeyash is extremely passionate about Agile Software Development Methodologies and Lean Management Practices. He is experienced in a wide range of software technology platforms such as IBM Mainframes, Client/Servers, PCs, Mobile, IoT and Cloud.

Since 2003, Zerone Consulting has been serving the customers with cutting-edge digital solutions. Today, the company is recognized as one of the leading providers of custom software solutions in Kochi. Through its innovative applications and products, Zerone strives to create engaging user experiences, and empower customers to compete and win in their marketplace. The leading Cloud service provider adheres to the principles of agility, due to which they are able to provide a flexible and adaptive software development experience to their customers. Zerone’s ability to make commitments with care and fulfilling those commitments has gained them 500+ successful projects and 140+ satisfied customers.

Zerone’s core competency lies in Cloud, IoT, Cognitive Computing, Data Analytics, Mobility and Web based application development. In addition, they have successfully completed several projects in emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Video Analytics, Image Recognition and Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Speech Analytics, Cognitive OCR and Blockchain. Zerone have proven its expertise in the application of these technologies in industries such as healthcare, retail, logistics, travel and leisure, legal, media and publishing, financial services, and communities and associations.

Cloud Computing Expertise

Zerone Consulting supports enterprises of all sizes to get up and running with different cloud infrastructure deployments. Whether it is public, private or hybrid, Zerone has all the in-house skills to enable the most popular cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Arriving at the right cloud services and solutions can be a complex process. Zerone Consulting helps the enterprises to plan and implement a cloud transformation roadmap as follows.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Operations
  • Deployment & Administration
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Advisory and Consulting

Transforming the Business Landscape

The company uses a combination of people, product, process and technology to help its customers gain advantages such as quick conversion of customer challenges into opportunities, rapidly creation of working software in frequent iterations, improved transparency and flexibility and cost advantages with speed-to-market & higher ROI.

A Satisfied Customer Is An Empowered Customer

The goal of Zerone Consulting is to empower its customers to outperform their competitors. For this, the company tailors its services to the context, culture and conditions of their customers. Zerone treats its customers with utmost respect, and takes every step to ensure that their data remains safe and secure with the organization. Zerone Consulting makes commitments that can be realized in every sense and maintains integrity in every relationship.

Ability to quickly understand customer requirements, rapidly create working prototypes and agile engineering enables Zerone to build software that matches the exact requirements of the customers, and deliver it on time.

Factors Behind Zerone’s Success

  • Always Putting The Customers First: Zerone is committed to deliver robust, secure, scalable, and flexible software application to their customers on time and at the right cost.
  • Constant Adherence to Integrity: Zerone values integrity above everything and never attempts to make false promises. Their journey to success is laid on the path of integrity.
  • Empowered Associates: The greatest strength of Zerone is its empowered associates. The company employs the right blend of talent and offers its associates with ample scope to innovate and grow.

Overcoming Challenges

The associates at Zerone view every challenge as an opportunity. They keep track of the cognitive technological disruption that is happening at an unprecedented pace and they consider this disruption as an opportunity to empower their customers by solving their challenges. Zerone Consulting believes that the solution to many of the nagging industry challenges lies in improving the cognitive capabilities of organizations. Hence, the company researches deeply on AI and other cognitive computing technologies. As a self-learning and adaptive organization, Zerone focuses to consistently deliver innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. Transforming core business processes and operating models are a must to overcome challenges in the digital era.

To the Aspiring Young Entrants

The highly experienced entrepreneur, Jeyash asserts, “From my experience, I can advise the younger generation to maintain integrity in everything you do. Be adaptable to change, and remain open to unlearn and learn from every experience that you come across.”

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