Yahya Aqel: Navigating Effective Marketplace Connections in the Healthcare Industry

Yahya Aqel

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A vital aspect of entrepreneurship is the ability to convert a dream into reality. Every entrepreneur possesses the dynamic ability to sense lacunas and implement strategic approaches to bridge the underlying gaps. They ideate revolutionary changes by giving life to their visions. Moreover, they succeed in building a community of people sharing similar ideals and values, who work together in keeping the flame of the core idea alive. 

When Yahya Aqel sensed the inadequate connections within the healthcare industry, he realized the necessity of third-party communications for building an effective connection within the industry. Currently, Yahya spearheads Aumet as the CEO. Aumet is MENA’s the largest B2B healthcare market place that connects pharmacies with pharmaceutical suppliers. Through the company, Yahya has been successfully helping pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare providers to exchange data that helps them make the right decision.

Prodigious Entrepreneur with Prolific Career

Yahya upholds a prolific academic background. He pursued his graduation from the Hashemite University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. He further pursued his Master’s from IE Business School (M.B.A.). Along with a proficient academic career, Yahya has a distinct career profile. He has established 4 start-ups in health tech—of which, 2 are successful exits, one is acquired, and is currently running Aumet— MENA’s largest B2B healthcare marketplace. 

Yahya experienced a turning point in his career that triggered him to pursue entrepreneurship. When he realized that the healthcare industry is not as connected as it should be, he concluded that it needed third-party companies to help and participate in connecting it properly and make it easier and more accessible to everyone. With Aumet, Yahya envisions to improve the decision-making, performance, and bridge the gaps in the healthcare industry by digitalizing the ordering process and be the world’s largest B2B healthcare marketplace.

Pillars of Marketplace Connections

Aumet was established in October 2016. The company’s mission is to bridge the gaps in the healthcare industry by digitalizing the ordering process between distributors and health care providers. 

Upholding a strong belief that technology can radically improve decision-making and performance in the healthcare industry, Aumet is building the largest B2B marketplace for healthcare distributors and providers. This marketplace will help them acquire the best products and services on the market and gain access to essential information for critical business decisions.

Yahya asserts that Aumet was built from scratch— “it was brought up with the hands of its core employees and management and the people that believed in it.” The company’s purpose is purely to help the healthcare industry to be as connected as it should be.   

“In fewer words, we are building the global B2B marketplace of the healthcare industry,” remarks Yahya. 

A Diligent Leader

Being at the helm of the company, Yahya takes care of several vital aspects of Aumet. He believes his biggest responsibility is raising funds and getting investors that believe in his ideas. He also undertakes the responsibility of hiring talent and ensures that the right person is at the right time. 

Along with undertaking crucial roles and responsibilities, Yahya diligently spearheads the team of Aumet. He ensures intact motivation and productivity by incorporating various measures. He believes that recognition, encouragement, and shared success is the key to help the employees feel appreciated and valuable in their position.   

Since its establishment, Aumet has been scoring several achievements. The company is expanding rapidly in the region while thriving in Jordan, UAE, Turkey, KSA. It further plans to expand in Egypt and the rest of GCC. “Many people are getting familiar with our concept and show their interest in our company,” states Yahya. 

Encompassing Challenges 

Pursuing entrepreneurship is a daunting task. Entrepreneurs are presented with several challenges and hurdles throughout their journey. According to Yahya, persuading people to believe in one’s ideas—especially when it is out of their comfort zone—is one such challenge faced by entrepreneurs in the current times. He states that although the idea could change people’s day-to-day life and make them easier, it would be a culture shock for them to adapt to new ways and techniques.

Despite several challenges, Yahya has established himself as a successful entrepreneur as well as a leader. His leadership style makes him distinct from his peers. His ability to pay attention to the smallest details and listening to employees and their ideas distinguishes him from other entrepreneurs. Moreover, Yahya realizes people’s potential and believes in providing them the opportunity to blossom and give their all to the company.  

Pivoting through Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted several sectors of the world and compelled businesses to suspend numerous projects and operations. While various businesses struggled to keep the wheels revolving, many companies succeeded in pivoting their business towards success—Aumet being one such company. The pandemic did not affect Aumet negatively, it rather helped increase the company’s sales when it had a product that was dedicated to selling medical disposables. 

Striving for Continuity

To date, Aumet has succeeded excellently in catering to its mission. Under the leadership of Yahya, the company has achieved profound success in streamlining connecting with medical distributors and pharmacies to manage stocks and simplifying orderings processes.

Aumet is constantly releasing new products and services. During the ongoing year, the company launched two products. These include the Aumet Marketplace—an app that helps pharmacies order drugs from distributors—and the Aumet Pay—a payment solution that makes it easier for pharmacies to pay their dues to distributors.

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