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Ever since the integration of technology into business, several small and medium-scale organizations have been struggling. Passion-driven business owners often fail to scale their businesses due to the lack of proper IT management. XL.net is an emerging firm that manages and provides IT support services and solutions. 

XL.net specializes in strategizing IT for Small and Medium-scale Businesses (SMBs). The company understands the unique requirements of SMBs, such as heightened security concerns or meeting targeted goals for growth. It focuses on providing strategic IT solutions for several aspects including, visibility, growth, and employee engagement.

An Organized Leader 

Adam Radulovic started XL.net in 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. He had been a part of SMBs in the early years of his career. In 1997, his career started as a computer engineer at ‘UBS.’ His projects were later formed into a company ‘Parlano,’ where he served as the director for 7 years. The company was subsequently purchased by Microsoft. While working there, he realized that IT support firms in Chicago provided hourly break-fix support, which meant the firm would make money only when there’s an issue.

From its inception, XL.net offered outsourcing services to its clients on monthly basis. This helped the company understand the client’s needs better. Both the client and the company had to lose productivity to resolve issues, which incentivized a mutual focus on the reduction of problems.

“I saw that the businesses have so much passion, but that they would struggle with IT. I wanted to remove this obstacle and help businesses thrive,” stated Adam.

Adam was later elected as a member of the board of directors for ‘Benevolent.’ He is serving as the CEO of XL.net for the past 15 years and has taken up multiple executive roles in the company. As the president in charge, he aligns different departments to achieve company goals. As Head of Sales, he ensures that XL.net engages with the right clients to attain mutual success. As the Chief Information Security Officer, he has taken up the responsibility to reduce the ever-growing security risks at XL.net and its clients. In 2020, Adam also became an official member of the ‘Forbes Business Council.’

Strategizing Results

XL.net provides an array of services to its clients. Its team of talented individuals with exceptional qualifications and decades of experience is a critical reason behind the success of the company. XL.net offers a comprehensive long-term solution that reduces IT risks and IT noise by 80% for clients in the first year. As the IT noise goes down, the company focuses on the benefits of technology for the client. It then organizes IT within the client’s company to accelerate growth to reach objectives efficiently and quickly. 

XL.net offers a unique Strategic IT solution that is all about using everything technology has to offer to meet the goals of the client. It’s a critical tool to keep up pace with industry competitors. Large corporations have access to plenty of technological solutions that gives them an edge. If an SMB adopts a similar strategy, it can easily move past the competition. The company also provides consultation services to assess the system and work environment to better assess the strengths and weaknesses of the firm.

“Our managed IT support services in Chicago encompass many different aspects. We keep your daily operations in order and ensure your tech is driving growth for your business,” claims Adam.

The company has catered to the success of many organizations. It has gained trust by providing appropriate services to the clients it has handled. ‘Clutch.co’ a client to XL.net says, “XL.net is incredibly prompt, efficient, and professional. The team closes all of their tickets on the same day and is on top of helping their client create a more streamlined IT infrastructure. Customers can expect a capable team that gets the job done right. XL.net has the client’s best interests in mind.”

Pandemic: Support and Sustenance

During the time of lockdowns in 2020, SMBs went through a lot of changes. Many organizations had to temporarily shut operations, resulting in heavy losses. Some industries had to let their employees off in order to survive the pitfall at the time. For the IT industry, COVID-19 increased the complexity of security, as clients are now operating from home networks. 

In March 2020, XL.net deployed numerous security solutions. The company paid the cost of development on behalf of its clients, to reduce the risk of a distributed workforce.  The pandemic has also increased the dependency on communication technologies. Rising corporate communications providers like Zoom, Meet, etc. have already been accepted as a familiar technology. XL.net has also equipped itself to provide support and guide clients towards a successful future.

Investing in the Future 

XL.net is working constantly to enhance its IT capabilities. It plans to step into the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation. The IT industry is readily recognizing the potential of these advanced technologies to provide more accurate and efficient results. The company aims to resolve issues with business intelligent and affordable security services in the future. XL.net is devising reliable solutions by utilizing the available tools. Its legal, consulting, architecture, and engineering services will also be reinforced with significant investments in the future. XL.net’s versatile solutions can prove to be valuable for the growth of the business of tomorrow.

To enhance growth exponentially, XL.net will also collaborate with other firms. It aims to increase its range of services with the move. The company is dedicated to research and further develop new techniques to provide the best IT services to its clients.

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