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With the evolution of globalization and digitization in the 21st century, people are demanding smart e-healthcare services that are easily accessible. The current economy calls for point-of- care treatments, digitally enhanced technologies meant for prognostic and diagnostic purposes available at affordable costs. Due to the ever expanding population, market development, advancements in clinical and digital services as well as rising manpower charges, there is a dire need to minimize the cost of medical services.

Founded in 1992, WorldCare International, Inc. (WorldCare) is an e-health services and solutions provider headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with additional office locations in 30 countries including Canada. The mission of the company is to improve the healthcare outcomes of members worldwide by connecting clients with the foremost medical experts at the top-ranked U.S. hospitals of The WorldCare Consortium® at affordable costs. WorldCare was the first company to obtain FDA clearance for wavelet compression, which allowed diagnostic quality images to be compressed and digitally sent enabling rapid turnaround times for remote medical second opinions.

WorldCare has been instrumental in providing rapid services in terms of sending medical records quickly and securely, and rendering medical second opinions (MSOs) within days after receiving complete medical records, with some cases being turned around within hours if needed. As the e-health company grew, developed and evolved, it continued to maintain its adherence to the highest-quality standards, initially working with only Harvard Medical School-affiliated physicians to provide critical illness MSOs.

Driving force behind the successful organization

Nasser Menhall, Founder and CEO of WorldCare, has vast years of experience in business development, leadership and project management for both healthcare and technology areas. Menhall’s mission was to bring the best of American medicine to underserved areas and populations, providing them with access to the latest innovative advances in medical diagnostics, treatment and care. He therefore founded WorldCare to bring the best of American medicine to regions of the world that otherwise would not have access to such medical expertise and knowledge.

Word of advice from the CEO

Nasser Menhall advises the upcoming healthcare entrepreneurs to focus on delivering promised services and savings. Since healthcare is probably the most conservative and one of the oldest industries, one has to be patient in terms of acquiring success and rewards.

The WorldCare Consortium® Listings & Tie-ups

Since the beginning, providing direct access to the teams of specialists at the top-ranked U.S. academic and research hospitals of The WorldCare Consortium® has enabled WorldCare to provide the level of service they do. The WorldCare Consortium® currently includes:

  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Jefferson University Hospitals
  • Partners Healthcare including:
    • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • McLean Hospital
    • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Northwestern Medicine
  • UCLA Health.

Client Offerings

The WorldCare Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service utilizes an institution-based, multi-disciplinary approach that is unique to WorldCare. Using this approach, the company is able to provide an unmatched level of experience and clinical rigor that results in a significant ROI for clients, high member satisfaction and provision of unique products from their competitors. WorldCare offers the following suite of services:

  • WorldCare Medical Second Opinion (MSO): A remote medical second opinion service that virtually recreates what it is like for a patient to receive care at a top-ranked academic medical center without having to go anywhere.
  • WorldCare Mental Health: A laser-focused mental health medical second opinion led by a senior psychiatrist from a WorldCare Consortium® hospital who provides diagnostic clarification and psycho pharmacotherapeutic guidance along with suggestions around counseling interventions and other locally-available therapies.
  • WorldCare Pain Management: A pain management medical second opinion that uses a team of sub-specialists to evaluate the underlying medical condition with an additional pain management review.
  • WorldCare SpecialtyRX: A speciality-drug focused medical second opinion that uses a team of specialists to review a member’s medical condition as well as a review by PhD pharmacy expert.
  • WorldCare Concierge: Personalized assistance for members who wish to receive care at one of The WorldCare Consortium®hospitals, which helps select the facility, coordinates the on-site visit and secures a discount.
  • WorldCare Wellness Division: Currently developing th world’s largest wellness center in Dubai and working on other wellness-focused projects globally.
  • WorldCare Consulting and Advisory Division: Focused on planning, development and operation of innovative, advanced healthcare facilities and systems worldwide.

Key reasons responsible for WorlCare’s success

  • Stupendous experience: For over 25 years, WorldCare has been trusted to provide the highest quality MSOs for members around the globe. With over 4 million members and operations in over 30 countries, it has fine-tuned its processes to cover members irrespective of their location. Additionally, they have completed over 25,000 MSOs, along with 100,000 pathology and radiology reviews.
  • Clinical precision: The ehealth system provides a unique disease management approach which digitally replicates the experience of receiving care in a tertiary care setting, where complex medical illnesses are managed by a highly-skilled group of medical specialists operating under a single roof.
  • Result oriented outcomes: WorldCare currently holds a 98% member satisfaction rate along with a change in diagnosis in 26% of the cases they have reviewed, a change in treatment plan in 75% of the cases they have reviewed and a 2:1 – 6:1 ROI depending on the level of change in diagnosis and/or treatment.

Tackling the Future Challenges

WorldCare’s major challenge is to make companies understand that high quality healthcare services actually reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary procedures. If self-insured companies were to try these services, the results will be self-explanatory.

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