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For years, the Customer Management Relationship (CRM) industry has been helping businesses establish profound relationships with their customers by propagating loyalty and customer retention. The industry has also been helping businesses optimize sales according to the need of their customers to forge impactful and meaningful relationships. With time, the CRM industry has overtaken database management systems to become one of the largest industries in the software market. Inculcating trends such as AI and software developments, marketing automation, and others, the industry has come a long way. 

With the inculcation of the latest trends to offer a wide range of solutions, Wise Agent stands as a powerful all-in-one real estate CRM platform. The company provides excellent CRM solutions by combining contact management, lead automation, transaction management, and real estate marketing software. Established in 2002, Wise Agent is built on the idea of ‘built by real estate agents for real estate agents’. The company offers robust and highly integrable real-estate CRM solutions.

Effective and Communicative Services

Wise Agent is recognized for providing phenomenal customer support to its members. It understands the importance of answering phones and being available for the members during times of need. The company is counted amongst one of the few companies which offer 24/7 support towards its members and is also known for being very simple to learn and use for such a powerful platform. 

We understand the value of building long-lasting relationships and true partners. Wise Agent is proud to be acclaimed as the most integrated CRM in the real estate industry,” says Brandon Wise (CEO and Founder of Wise Agent).

Spearheaded by a Trailblazer

Being at the helm of the company, Brandon is responsible for some of the valuable and important operations at Wise Agent. He regards it as his primary responsibility to set the strategy and direction of the company. He also ensures that the company stays intact on the business course and pivots it when needed. 

According to Brandon, many decisions have to be made on a weekly basis to ensure the various operations of the company. These include the allocation of capital to the right priorities and setting budgets that allow the company to achieve its goals. 

Like everyone in the company, Brandon spends time building relationships with the company’s partners and its members. “When we travel to real estate expos for the company, we always make sure to book a booth that is surrounded by our partners. It is great to be able to walk an agent over to a partners’ booth and hand them off knowing they will be taken care of,” adds Brandon 

Congenial Company Culture

Altogether with the other members, Brandon has helped establish a staggering company culture filled with fun and caring people who know how to focus and get things done. Brandon asserts it as his duty to conserve and strengthen the culture. He maintains this by hiring and building the right people for the company’s senior management team. 

Wise Agent has developed a culture of fun with people who are passionate about building relationships and helping its members build further relationships. The employees spend time together beyond work hours and have fun whilst at the office. Simultaneously, they are also focused on racing towards achieving organizational goals. 

I really love seeing the results of our hard work turn into company growth. Expanding our staff is what I’m most proud of. I’m fortunate to work with a team of great people,” adds Brandon. “It’s easy to come into the office each morning when everyone is looking forward to being there as much as I am,” quotes Brandon. He adds that the entire team works hard to ensure each other’s success. Attributing each other for overall success, Brandon remarks, “when my team is successful, I’m successful, and our members are successful.”

Pivoting Amidst Crisis

Unlike many, Wise Agent undertook different paths to comply with business during the pandemic. Brandon prioritized the staff and its well-being. However, he was concerned about the need to be employed and productive while ensuring both physical and mental health.

During the onset of the pandemic, the company worked relentlessly as the employees were deemed essential and able to work comfortably from the office the entire time. Wise Agent encouraged its employees to prioritize their health rather than focusing on fear-inducing factors. Instead, they did things such as offering gym memberships as a benefit and making vitamins available.

Another major pivot during the pandemic was the transition from constant traveling across the country to promote Wise Agent to embracing Zoom Webinars and starting a weekly webinar series. Wise Agent succeeded in retaining value to REALTORS® every week through educational conversations with its power users and partners. With increasing attendance every week, the webinar was a big hit for the company, which allowed it to forge deeper relationships with the members.

Leveraging Changes in the Industry

Over the course of time, the CRM industry has transitioned from being focused on basic contact management in the past to a full business management platform today. Currently, CRMs are not only expected to handle contact management but also need to include different services such as transaction management, lead automation, document storage, and a suite of marketing tools.

Wise Agent is always packed with projects to work on. The company continues to look forward to providing all the latest available technologies to its members—allowing them to save time and generate more revenue. The company plans to release a conversational artificial intelligence bot in the near future. This AI bot is targeted to respond, qualify, and nurture new and past leads in order to convert them into potential clients. 

Wise Agent is also working on releasing brand new software—specifically as a broker solution—designed to solve some of the transaction and document communication problems of its clients. This new technology is a stand-alone product but integrated with Wise Agent CRM. Moreover, they are excited about giving Brokers/Owners the ability to white label Wise Agent as a CRM offering for their brokerages’ agents. 

Success Mantra:

“Helping to solve problems for our members and make their lives easier and their business thrive. The more people we help, the more we grow.”

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