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As the world is witnessing a digital revolution, the marketing industry is expanding its use of new technologies. Moreover, the COVID-19 restrictions and implications have forced the organizations in the industry to adhere to a multitude of changes rapidly in order to find their online sales niche. At present, the consumer is intuitively opting to shop online, and due to the evolution of the digital landscape, experiential differentiators are becoming more challenging to grasp — increasing their overall importance and value. Businesses are shifting their focus to the buying experience and user interactions to attract more customers.

Early adopters to change WinnowPro—a US-based digital marketing company offering multi-functional sales and marketing tools and services designed to enhance the consumer’s experience. WinnowPro offers a curated collection of ‘Digitally Essential’ solutions, which are proving to be a game-changing differentiator for retailers in the automotive industry.

Taking a Digital Approach

The need for digitalization has surged rapidly resulting in business owners across the US experiencing a high demand for online shopping and seamless experiences. Rising to the challenge, WinnowPro is presenting unique expansion opportunities to auto dealers. With an AI-powered approach to ad campaign management, the 2018-established B2C company successfully increases the customer base for both sales and service of its auto dealership clients.

WinnowPro’s unique approach to digital retailing provides an integrated data-first approach to the customer journey. It creates an exceptional experience for the customers that drives satisfaction and in turn increases the chances of sales and profitability. WinnowPro’s technical tools allow dealers to reach more audiences and transition more leads. Meanwhile, it also helps them increase engagement with existing customers.

Over the years, WinnowPro has curated several internal solutions for its Automotive Clients. It has mastered campaign strategizing for maximum exposure through omni-channel presence. The company is also an expert in inventory integration for dynamic display ads, automated retargeting, hyper-focused profiling for optimal customer segmentation, and virtual sales operations, including NLP (Natural Language Processing) driven chatbot services.

Adding a Competitive Edge

WinnowPro developed a Competitive Intelligence Tool (CIT) that allows businesses to compare the online performance of their search engine marketing campaigns with up to 5 different competitors. CIT also analyzes search engine visibility opportunities and website traffic engagement, which is run against in-house created recommended keyword strategies.

The tool compares the digital performance of auto dealers based on local keywords instead of the nationally-ranked keywords that are typically generated with most SEO tools. It generates the performance report in under 60 seconds, combining more than 40 reliable data sources including the company’s own relevant proprietary data. Furthermore, the CIT advantage is provided to WinnowPro’s clients for free, and leveraged within each of their paid advertising strategies.

Led by a Maestro

Presently, David Saedi serves as the Chief Executive Officer atWinnowPro and oversees the management of the company. He is a veteran, experienced with working in several industries, including technology, education, hospitality, and media. David is also an advisor and board member for several other organizations, including AMA, Crunch MediaWorks, and JungoMedia. Additionally, he founded the Global Digital Literacy Council, in 2003. It comprises experts from across 20 countries around the world.

Along with being a maestro, David is also a highly experienced entrepreneur. He has created hundreds of well-paying jobs over the years and has trained individuals under certificate accreditation programs. “A lasting accomplishment is also the number of individuals who we trained and became leaders in their own right,” says David.

A Refined Startup Culture

WinnowPro fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and group achievements which is critical for the growth in startup and entrepreneurial organizations. Recognizing talented individuals as well as team accomplishments is also crucial to building a healthy enterprise. Being a digital company, WinnowPro practices this on a daily basis on every call or virtual meeting.

The WinnowPro team spans across several countries and cultures—this adds the benefit of unique ideas. The company has a distinctive differentiating factor as its approach to the market is rich, assorted, and well-versed.

“We take pride in the fact that everyone in the company can come up with new ideas, be heard, and see their ideas come to life throughout the organization” adds David.

Repositioning for Clients

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to rapid digitalization. As more and more businesses are transitioning to online mediums, digital marketing agencies are finding it harder to get visibility for their clients. For auto retailers, online presence is a crucial factor. Moreover, as 90% of auto buyers start their search online, businesses have to reposition their content strategies accordingly.

For WinnowPro, the primary customer base is independent auto dealerships. The auto industry was one of the worst-hit due to COVID-19, but in return, the pandemic enabled the industry to closely align priorities on digital strategies which allowed WinnowPro to provide greater value to its clients. “We were able to work together to integrate various digital solutions to help recover any lost revenue for our clients” mentioned David. 

Dedicated Expansion Efforts

WinnowPro aims to introduce two new products in 2021. With a strong focus on the growth and development of its team, the company looks forward to expanding its team continuously — growing in size while creating new opportunities for market expansion, including existing opportunities in the healthcare sector and potential opportunities in the real estate industry.

Further, WinnowPro is highly focused on improving the user experience for both its clients and their customers. As a result, the company has amplified their ability to create new communication channels to take in and process client feedback.

Expectations from 2021

WinnowPro has recorded a high success rate while working with organizations that are new to the adoption of digital technologies. This allows WinnowPro to strategically position itself in the segments that aim to further emerge out of the traditional and adopt digital solutions. This strategy has been beneficial in the automotive industry, as well as the healthcare space for WinnowPro. “One of our company’s greatest strengths is in applied research, and we identify market opportunities that can benefit from our technologies,” asserts David.

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